No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1018

“Alright, I’ll book the hotel now.” Selena nodded, still unsure how to react at the sight of all the expensive gifts brought to them. Her mother must be happy as she was the one receiving them.

“Madam, there’s no need to trouble you. Why book a hotel when we can all go to my hotel? We have a seven-star hotel. Let me call my subordinates to make the arrangements. It’ll be my treat!” beamed an old man, grinning as he started taking out his cellphone.

“How can we let you do that? You’re our guests and are here to visit us. It has to be our treat!” disputed the sheepish Selena.

“L—Let’s go to my hotel. It’ll be my treat! let’s go!” spoke another man. Everybody understood that inviting the Supreme Warrior and the other Gods of War to eat at their hotels was something worth showing off. It was natural for everybody to fight for such a good opportunity.

“Stop fighting,” assured Jack with a small smile. “Let’s all go to Old Master Lager’s hotel!”

The old man was ecstatic when he heard this, and he smilingly gushed, “Great! Let me ask my subordinates to prepare things up. It’s my treat, so enjoy yourselves and eat to your heart’s content!” “Haha! Then we’ll be sure to enjoy ourselves!”

Another middle-aged man started laughing happily. These families were people who had loads of money, thus it did not matter who would pay for the bill. Everybody conversed among themselves as they strolled in the garden.

Just then, when everybody was ready to go out for lunch at noon, they saw a large gathering of people outside the villa and was blocking the main entrance.

“Master, something bad has happened. There are many people outside, and they look aggressive. We came here as fast as we could, ‘cause things don’t seem right.” Both guards on-duty guarding the gate sensed that something was wrong when they saw those people. They immediately ran to the garden at the back of the villa and reported the matter to Jack.

“How’s that possible? There are still people who dare cause trouble here? Do they have a death wish? How dare they cause trouble with the Supreme Warrior?” Somebody chuckled, amused at the fact.

Another middle-aged lady chimed in with a smile, “Did you guys make a mistake? Who dares cause trouble here? Haha!”

“I know what I saw. There are over a thousand people!” one of the bodyguards persisted anxiously.

“I got it. Let’s go out and take a look.” Jack nodded and led the others forward. Many of the powerful people could not contain their happiness. If somebody truly came to offend Jack at this moment, it was the best opportunity for them to get into Jack’s good books. This was the Supreme Warrior, after all, and pleasing him would only be beneficial for them!

“Come out here, Jack! Haha!” An old man laughed and kicked at his gate. One of the huge stone lions at the entrance flew up and crashed into one of the villa’s windows. A huge hole appeared in its wake.

“Jack, today is the day you die!” Dylan yelled aggressively. The group of people soon arrived at the garden in front of the villa.

“Haha…! Amazing! I had no idea that so many people were here. It looks like all of you are from Gin City?” Jack laughed and soon walked over with people behind him.

“Cut the crap. You killed my son, and we’re here to avenge him today!”

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