No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1019

Tao spoke to Jack with such fury and hatred.

“We’re also avenging my daughter today!” Louis gave Jack a death glare as he gritted his teeth.

However, Charles, who was by their side, glowered as he asked Dylan and Jaxon, “What’s going on? Why are there so many people? Didn’t you tell us that there aren’t many people here? It looks like there are people from other forces here!”

“Sh*t! What happened? Why are the Gods of War here too?” Someone soon recognized Ethan and the others.

Their expressions darkened. Although there were many of them, only four of five were masters at the demi-god level that could rival the Gods of War. Not only were the Gods of War real masters at the demi-god level, but some of them were at the mid-tier or later stage of the demi-god level. They were seasoned with combat experiences. Under such circumstances, the strongest person among them would not be a match against Jack’s group. It did not help that Jack led so many out with him, and they know nothing about their opponent’s combat powers.

They originally thought that there were only one to two hundred people, but it looked like there were 500 to 600 people with Jack.

Lana removed her mask at that point. After all, Jack had exposed his identity while she cared not much about hers.

Dylan scrutinized her facial features before it clicked in his mind. “It’s… It’s the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs!” he gasped. Dylan almost spewed out blood when it dawned on him who he had offended.

“Kill them.” Jack smiled coldly and waved his hand at his people. “Great timing. I was just thinking about when I should go find you guys, but now that you guys are here at my doorstep, I’ll gladly take this opportunity. I’ll resume my search for Fernando’s cure after I settle this.”

Suddenly, Ethan, Abner, and the others flew upward. Afraid that the other party would escape, they flew to the opposite direction and surrounded the opponents.

“Damn it! Dylan, Jaxon, didn’t you guys say that only Jack might be at the initial stage of demi-god level and that there…there weren’t many others at the grandmaster tier?” Louis was so livid that he almost vomited blood when he saw this combat situation.

He had it set in his mind that they would attain surefire victory with all his subordinates present. He never thought that there would be so many Gods of War and masters.

Charles, after assessing the situation, smiled and gestured to the crowd, “Everybody, this matter is between us and Jack, so there’s no need for others to step in, don’t you think? I hope that the forces that aren’t involved and the Gods of War won’t involve themselves in our affairs.”

Louis chimed in at that moment as he added, “Everybody, we’re big families from Gin City. Getting involved in our business will automatically make you our enemies. Think about that carefully!”

“Haha! I’m sorry, but Jack is our master. How can we not intervene with his matters?” Riley laughed. He was standing in the air and had an overpowering aura.

“Jack is your master?” The expression on Charles and the others darkened when they heard this, wondering if their ears played tricks on them.

“Haha! Supreme Warrior, you’ve sacrificed so much for our country. I’m definitely standing on your side today!” The elder who owned a seven-star hotel chuckled.

“Supreme Warrior?!”

Charles and the others were mystified. Jack was the Supreme Warrior?

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