No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1020

“How’s that possible? He…He’s so young! How can he be the Supreme Warrior?” Dylan’s face had the unmistakable expression of sheer disbelief. He shook his head incessantly, unable to accept what he had just heard.

However, the Gods of War in front of them were known to the public. They were still familiar with these people’s faces. Hence, the Gods of War were not lying to them. Jack—the man who stood before them—truly was the Supreme Warrior and their mentor.

“The person we offended…is the Supreme Warrior?” Jaxon was just as speechless. He would not have asked his parents to avenge the Wagner family had he known Jack was the Supreme Warrior. Unfortunately, everything was too late.

“Kill them!” Jack did not hold back. With a wave of his hand, he uttered the order.

He understood that both families were large powers, and the people who came were truly strong masters from the families. Should they be left alive, they might pose a great threat in the future. If they killed these people, both families would not have any opportunity to start over again. Without the masters of demi-god level and so many high-grade grandmasters, the remaining others would not have any power to fight back.

All eight Gods of War moved speedily. They rushed downward in a flash and killed almost 100 people with several sword auras.

One of the demi-god level masters from the Lambert family quickly flew out in an attempt to escape. However, he soon frowned when he felt an extremely powerful power surge behind him. The power was moving speedily and coming straight from behind. The Lambert family’s master immediately turned to take a look and immediately turned pale from fright. An almost thirty-centimeter-long wisp of Chi sharply aimed at him at a breakneck speed.

“No!” the old man yelled loudly before the alarming wisp of Chi blew him up. He was mangled into pieces mid-air.

“How can it be?! Chi leaving the body to carry out attacks? Isn’t… Isn’t that only attainable for a master of the true god-level?”

Another demi-god-level master was prepared to fly away and escape after searching for a suitable opportunity. The horrifying sight sent him into despair and fear as he turned pale.

This Supreme Warrior was a master of the true god-level. Although his cultivation looked like he was only at the initial state of the true god level, it was already difficult for even ten demi-god-level masters to surround one true god-level master and kill him. After all, it was a huge realm difference despite seemingly looking like they were only one step away. The difference between the power was unimaginable.

Loud booming noises could be heard and the people from Gin City were slain left and right. They fell in puddles of blood.

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