No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1022

Brenton nodded to Lily’s instructions, knowing that she would never be in peace until Lance was found, returned to the White family, and successfully became the inheritor. He also wanted to find and kill Jack. After all, it did Brenton no good if what he did was exposed. The White family members still honored Nash and obeyed every word he said.

After Brenton left, the third elder of the White family, Wade White came into Lily’s room. Wade sat down and glanced at Lily. “Sigh… They still haven’t found Lance and the others.”

He would ask two of his disciples to guard the area in the yard every time he came to her room, making it safer for him to come and meet Lily in secret. After all, nobody knew about their secret relationship. Of course, as both Lily and Nash appointed Wade to lead the search for Lance and the others, it was understandable that he would constantly come over and report to Lily.

Lily glowered. “Honey, don’t you worry. I’ve already thought about it, and Nash only has an estimated two months. If we still can’t find Lance by then, we’ll find Jack and kill him. If Nash dies before Jack returns, we’ll ambush the first elder and kill him before Nash dies.”

The third elder smirked and continued, “After all, the first elder is the strongest in the White family at this moment. Who’d defy me once we kill him? I’d be the White family master!”

“You, the master?” Lily had a solemn expression on her face.

Previously, the third elder discussed with her to secretly drug Nash, and her son would be the master once he died. She discovered that Nash had plans of getting Jack and Joan back, and she could not accept that.

She had no idea that Wade would want to be the master if Nash died, should they fail to find Lance. Lily soured at that. She even wondered if Wade had always thought of becoming the family master himself.

Wade smiled bitterly before moving two steps forward, taking Lily into his embrace. “Sigh… You know that I’m quite old, and I’m not interested in the family master’s position, Honey,” he coaxed. “However, this position can’t fall into the hands of other people. Even if it doesn’t land in that bastard’s hands, it can’t land in the hands of another White family member!”

Wade then paused for a moment before he remarked, “Think about it: If the position of family master falls into my hands, I can just pass it back to Lance when we find him. Won’t that work?”

“Do you truly mean that?” Though a frown was on her face, Lily relaxed as she gazed at the man who was more than 10 years older than her.

“Of course, I mean it! I can just give it to Lance once we find him. After all, I’m not interested in the position of family master. The one I’m interested in is you, Honey!”

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