No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1023

Wade coaxed Lily as his hand trailed along Lily’s back.

“Where are your hands going?” Lily glanced at Wade flirtatiously before kissing him.

The second morning, Brenton asked all his subordinates to return. Little did they know that Jack started to pack his bags.

“Master, the life in Fernando’s body has reduced. Seems like he’ll only hold up to five or six days.” Ethan inspected Fernando’s body and eyed Jack worryingly.

Jack nodded. “There’s an heirloom in our White family that helps to prolong people’s lives. It’ll at least ensure Fernando doesn’t die. We’re leaving soon.”

“I want to go too!” Fiona piped in. “Didn’t you say that the White family is a shadow family? Since it’s the legendary family, I’m sure they have many precious items and some can help prolong people’s lives, right? Since you’re the White family’s young master, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to give me some, right?”

Fiona was over the moon when Jack told them about the White family. She could not imagine that Jack was not only the Supreme Warrior, but he had such a strong background as well. Jack’s family was the legendary shadow family—the strongest power that rose above all powers in the world. Fiona did not want to miss out on the opportunity when Jack said he was making a trip back. Her mind raced with thoughts of getting her hands on some precious items that would really make her rich.

Andrew scratched his head as he spoke, “Jack, I’m not as secular as her. I just want to be able to train like you and fly up in the air someday. It’d be nice if I can fly!”

Both Fiona and Andrew took Jack by surprise with their words, and he was speechless.

He offered Andrew a wan smile as he explained, “Father-in-law, training isn’t an easy task. People at Selena’s age can still clean her body in certain ways so that they can be martial artists and train, but people of your age would find it impossible to do. You won’t be able to withstand the cleansing!”

Andrew’s expression fell upon hearing Jack’s explanation. “Sigh! Nevermind, nevermind… This must be fate. Why didn’t we meet you guys earlier?”

However, his eyes soon lit up as he added, “Jack, since you say that Selena can wash her body and train, can Ben train too? He’s younger than Selena!”

Jack nodded. He looked at Ben and said seriously, “Training isn’t some trivial matter—only those with firm determination can travel far on this path. Although they can obtain stronger power, it’s something against nature and the wash will be painful. You’ll have to think of that properly, Ben.”

Ben’s eyes were filled with excitement. “I’ve thought about it! I’ve had it in mind for a long time now, Brother-in-law. Think about it: Elaine can train, and she’s a master. How would it work if I can’t train? As a man, I should accompany her. I might be able to protect her if I’m talented and manage to catch up with her!”

Ben’s words flustered Elaine as her blush seared across her cheeks. His words warmed her heart, and they tasted saccharine-sweet.

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