No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1024

“Haha. Great! As long as you’re determined to do it!” Jack chuckled, hearing Ben’s declaration, as he then added, “Although I’ve not heard that cultivation can increase a person’s lifespan, cultivation does make you stronger and your skin fairer. Your body will also have extraordinary spiritualism!” Jack paused before he clarified, “This isn’t so obvious for people who are at the martial artist-level, though. It’ll be much more obvious when the person achieves the demi-god-level!”

Fiona thought about it and asked Jack, “Who do you need with you for this trip?” “Selena, Ben, and Elaine can go with me,” replied Jack. “Apart from that, Lana, Ethan, William, and my mother need to go with me too. That should be enough, since it’s not convenient if too many of us go there together!”

“Honey, didn’t you say that Lily is against you and even sent people to kill you before? Will we be in danger if we go back like this?” Selena thought about it and was slightly worried.

Jack smiled indifferently. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve asked Willian, Ethan, and Lana to travel with us. With the four of us traveling together, it should be enough! The three of them would be able to protect you all! I want to bring you and Ben along because I want to see if we can get some resources from the White family to train you and make you into martial artists!”

Selena nodded. “Once we become martial artists, does it mean that we’ve entered the path of cultivation?”

To that, Jack gave a tight smile as he answered, “To be exact, becoming a martial artist means you’re much stronger than normal people. You need to be a grandmaster in order to enter the path of cultivation, and that’s because your body would have a slight aura when you’ve reached the grandmaster-level. Only then would you be able to train and start cultivating!”

“Really? Cultivation only starts after reaching the grandmaster-level? Does that mean I need to have a one-star King of War’s combat power before I can call myself a cultivator?” Ben was speechless after he heard this. “This is so difficult!”

“Haha… Of course it’s difficult. Do you think that it’s easy to be masters of the demigod-level like the Gods of War or a true god-level like your brother-in-law? Even the White family only have a few true god-level masters like your brother-in-law!” Skyler laughed loudly and said to Jack, “Supreme Warrior, don’t worry about this side of your family—we’ll take care of them. You go ahead and treat God of War Campbell and your father.”

They started their journey after packing up their belongings.

Meanwhile, at the White family.

Brenton came before Lily. “Madam, we’ve asked our people to return, and I’ve asked them to rest. I’ve sent another twenty to help search for our young master. Hopefully, we can find Young Master Lance soon.”

Lily nodded in satisfaction after she heard this. With a flip of her hand, she came up with two Chi Congregation Pills and gave them to Brenton.

“Good job. It’s been a tiring time for you.”

Brenton took the pills gratefully.

People who carried out cultivation could absorb the Chi around them based on the practice method they obtained. The reason all eight shadow families hid in the forest to cultivate in silence and cared not about the outside world was that they found places with immense Chi that were suitable for them to stay in. The cities in the outside world did not have much Chi and were not suitable for cultivation. Even if they cultivated in the cities, their speed would be reduced, and it was obviously not worth the effort. This was also the reason all eight shadow families did not involve themselves in the outside world’s affairs.

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