No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1025

Brenton cupped his hand and thanked Lily as he spoke, “Thank you, Madam. The happiest moments in my life are when I get to serve Madam. It’s part of my responsibility, after all. Apart from that, I believe in the eldest young master’s talent. I hope that Young Master Lance will soon become the White family’s master.”

“Haha… Don’t worry. Carrying out tasks for me means that you’re working for the Lagorio family, and I wouldn’t treat you shabbily. When we find my son and he becomes the White family’s master, he won’t treat you badly either. You should work hard to increase your cultivation, and I can raise you to the elder position if you do,” offered Lily with a smirk.

The Ninth Patronum was ecstatic when he heard her offer, and he immediately knelt on one knee. “Thank you, Madam! I’ll work hard to live up to your expectations!”

The Ninth Patronum left Lily’s living quarters after that. He came to a pavilion not long after he left. The pavilion was located by the cliff, and there was an elder of about 50 years old standing inside. He had his hands behind his back as he gazed at a small town at the bottom of the hill.

“Third elder.” The Ninth Patronum cupped his hand submissively to the Third Elder as he stood behind him. “Yes?” The Third Elder nodded and turned around slowly. “What did Lily ask you to go over for?”

Ninth Patronum, Brenton smiled as he answered, “What else can it be? She’s asking about news regarding Jack and others. She’s also asked me to send more people to help search for her son.”

Wade smiled coldly. “Haha! Her son has been lost for almost three months now, and he’s gotta be long gone since we can’t even locate him nor his body!” Wade paused before he added, “However, the plan remains—kill Lance if we find him. We can’t allow him to come back alive!”

An equally sinister smile appeared on Brenton’s face. “Fret not, Third Elder—the position of White family master belongs to you. You’ve done so much for the White family. It’s a great thing that you’ve used the b*tchy Lily to help us get rid of Nash White!”

“Hmph! Nash White should’ve died long ago!” Wade made an indignant sound through closed mouth as he added, “He’d vomit in anger if he knew that I was secretly meeting his woman. Haha! How would he ever climb to be the family master had he not received support from Lily and the other Lagorios years ago? I would’ve been the master!”

“That’s right! This time, Lance was suicidal as he wanted to go look for a way to surpass the real god-level. That’s complete nonsense! How could there be a way to surpass the true god-level? Others would’ve found it if there’s such a way!” The Ninth Patronum laughed coldly. “We only need to wait another month or two. Everything would be perfect once Nash dies!”

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