No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1026

At this moment in a house, Nash once again coughed out blood. His face looked much paler, and he seemed rather hollow as well.

“It’s been so many days. Why isn’t Jack here yet? Is he not coming after all?” Nash felt sad when he thought about Jack. “It’s all because of me. I blame my previous incompetence which kept me from accompanying him during his growth. He must’ve suffered a lot. No… No wonder he hates me so much…”

The White’s family butler, Titus, comforted Nash, “Fret not, Master. I can feel that Jack is a filial child. Apart from that, it’s not that you don’t care about them. You’ve been asking the Ninth Patronum to send money and cultivation resources to Jack. Who knew that the Ninth Patronum would return to lie that they lived a good life.” Titus balled his fists tightly as he fumed, “He must be lying when he said that Jack had reached the level of a seven or eight-grade martial artist. He must’ve also taken all the cultivation resources that Master provided!”

“Damn it!” Nash clenched his fists and seethed through gritted teeth, “Did you inform First Elder about this? Don’t tell anybody else. The only ones I trust now are the First Elder and Second Elder. While the Third Elder looks happy all the time and is actively helping us to search for Lance, he comes off as an untrustworthy person to me.”

Titus nodded. “Master, to be honest, I used to think that the Third Elder is a nice person and contributed a lot for the White family, but ever since you told me that old man’s more than what he seems, I paid more attention to him. As it turned out, he truly isn’t a good person after all.”

Titus paused for a short while before he continued, “I discovered that the Third Elder is very close to the Ninth Patronum, and they both often got together to talk. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together’. I think there must be something wrong with the Third Elder.”

Beside them, Beth said, “The Third Elder has been hiding himself well, and we can’t really tell what sort of a person he is. We must have some evidence before we do anything to him. After all, it’s not nice to wrong a person.”

Nash agreed. “That’s right. The Third Elder has been an elder for a long time, and he’s a member of the White family. He’s contributed a lot to our family and has many loyal subordinates. We can’t make our decision hastily. If we do anything to him without solid proof, many people won’t be convinced, and this might pull them to his side!”

Titus smiled bitterly. “Haha… Even if we have evidence to prove that he’s not a good person, many people would still fight for him, though it might cut the number of his supporters.”

At that moment, Jack, Lana, and the others had reached the bottom of the mountain with the lifeless-looking Fernando.

“This place is really remote, but the air is really good, and cars can’t get here as well. I feel like I can have a long lifespan if I stay here!” beamed Ben when he saw the huge mountain in front of him.

Elaine, who was beside him, smiled. “You’re not a martial artist yet. When you’re one, you’ll be able to feel tiny particles that are light blue in color in the air. That is Chi.”

Lana then chimed in, “Yes, and the Chi here is incredibly thick. It’s at least two to three times thicker than the Chi in the City of Martial Arts!”

“Sigh! Even though it’s thick, it’s a pity that we can’t see or feel it.” Selena sighed.

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