No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1027

She had longed to become a martial artist. A thought then occurred to her as she spoke to Jack, “I never thought we’d have a problem free journey, Honey, considering how Lily hates you so much and even sent people to kill you.”

Jack gave a tight smile. “True, it went too smoothly. I also didn’t expect it to be so smooth, and we’re already at the foot of the mountain.”

Jack then held Selena’s hand and solemnly spoke, “Honey, don’t you worry. I’ll try my best to get the ingredients for you and Ben that can clean your bodies so that you can become martial artists. I’m not sure about your talents, but hopefully, both of you will have nice talents and that you’d be able to cultivate quickly.”

“Your father would be over the moon if he knows you’re here, Jack.” Joan smiled. Silently, she had waited for this day. After all, Nash was the man she loved years ago. He was, of course, Jack’s father.

Jack sighed. “I wonder what sickness he has. Let me take a look at him and help treat him. I think that his illness won’t be that difficult to treat.” Jack turned and looked at Fernando, hoisted on William’s back. “The one that I’m worried about is Fernando. Would the White family take out their precious item, considering how important it is? Even if the White family members agree to it, I’m afraid that the Lagorio family members and Lily would step forward and stop them.”

“Master, do you know how many people of the White family are at the demi-god level? How many of them are masters of the true god-level?” Lana asked curiously.

“I’m not sure. I’m not too familiar with the White family, see, ” replied Jack, that faint smile still on his face. “However, they’ve become a true shadow family and can be considered the cream of the crop. I estimate that all the Elders are at the real god-level while the Patronums are at the demi-god level. I believe that they have multiple grandmasters in their ranks as well.”

Lana was inwardly startled; masters of the real god-level were extremely strong. Jack, who was such a strong existence, had just achieved the initial stage of the real god level. There were so many of such people like Jack in the White family. Apart from that, were there truly eight families like the White family?

Lana managed to collect herself after some time and replied, “That’s right. They’re the top eight powers, and it’s normal that they have so many masters who’d achieved the real god-level. After all, they’re enjoying the best resources and places for cultivation in this world.”

Joan smiled bitterly and spoke, “Previously, the Lagorio family had the highest hope to become a shadow family, but no one foresaw that the White family would develop later on and become a shadow family. Different from the White family, the Lagorio family declined and fell. They’re only considered as a hidden family instead of a shadow one.”

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