No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1028

Jack was speechless when he heard this. “The Lagorios must be infuriated if that’s the case. After all, they helped the White family, but they never thought that the White family would work hard and rise to the occasion while theirs…”

“Haha. What could they have done? According to what Titus said, many of their elders have huge breakthroughs and the younger generations showed spectacular performances. They grew step-by-step as they trained hard, and many geniuses emerged! As for the Lagorios, they had a huge fight with the families that were of the same status and lost many people.”

Joan also smiled bitterly, and the group talked as they reached a stone-paved road.


“Stop! Who are you? This place belongs to the White family. None of you can enter unless you’re a member of the White family and have the White family token!” Seven to eight young men were guarding the stone door. One of the men stepped forward and snapped at Jack while the others revealed their swords.

Lana immediately walked forward and explained, “Everybody, we’re members of the White family. This is Jack White, the young master of the White family. We’re here to meet your master!”

“White family’s young master, Jack White? Why haven’t we heard about him?” The man immediately frowned after he heard what Lana said.

“That doesn’t seem right. The White family has two madams, and the eldest madam only has a son, Lance who has disappeared for three months now. The second madam has a pair of twin daughters. Since when do we have another young master?”

The eyes of a young lady lit up after she heard what Lana said. “Is it really Jack? He’s Jack?” She glanced at Jack as she spoke and nodded. “You look like the master. Are you really the young master of White family?”

Joan smiled bitterly. Although she was embarrassed, she explained, “Young lady, please help us to pass on the message and inform the butler, Titus White, or even the First Elder that we’re here. Please tell them that I’m Joan, and I’ve brought Jack to visit his father.”

“Alright. Although I’m not sure about what’s going on, I’ll help pass on the message. Still, you can’t enter the White family residence without their permission.” The young lady looked at Jack again before turning around to walk up the mountain.

The other man glanced around before quickly running up the mountain without saying much. The man traveled speedily. He rushed over when he saw a familiar figure at one of the squares, thus he informed, “Ninth Patronum, they’re here. They’re at the foot of the mountain. What should we do?”

“Who’s here?” The Ninth Patronum, Brenton frowned, puzzled.

Eyeing the young man huffing and puffing before him, he spoke, “Didn’t you ask us to assassinate Jack and Joan? They’re here! I saw eight of them and another man being carried, thus making nine of them!” stated the young man.

“F*cking hell! Who knew that they’d arrive at the bottom of the mountain by afternoon when we’ve just withdrawn our men by morning?! Mindy White has agreed to help them pass the message on to Titus or First Elder. I came to you via the shortest path.”

“No, they can’t be allowed to go up the mountain!” Brenton instantly sensed the gravity of the situation.

If Jack and the others ascended the mountain, what happened years ago would be exposed. Once both sides meet, Nash would know about what happened years ago with just a simple chat.

Teeth gritting, Brenton then ordered, “Come, you need to go with me. We need to kill Jack before the First Elder and the others arrive!” Without hesitation, he pulled the man with him and flew toward the bottom of the mountain.

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