No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1030

“I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving!” insisted Jack, secretly smirking. “However, I won’t force my way inside too. It’d be fine to just stay here and wait for the butler to come over. I believe we’ll soon know if I’m Nash White’s son!”

Jack fell silent for a short while as he eyed Brenton coldly before he added, “Seems like you don’t want me to meet Nash, am I right?”

“Damn it! Since you’re not leaving, you’re asking for it, young man!” Brenton looked behind him. He swung his sword toward Jack, fearing that Titus and the others would see them if it was prolonged.

A scary sword aura rushed toward Jack—there was no mistaking the murderous intent behind such an attack.

Despite the daunting move, Jack merely stood still while William, who was next to him, pulled his sword out as a scary sword aura flew outward. It immediately stopped the Ninth Patronum’s sword aura.

A deafening blast could be heard as the attacks from both sides canceled one another.

William knew that Jack had just returned; he knew multiple enemies from the White family had their sights on Jack.

Hence, it was better if Jack kept his cultivation level a secret for the time being.

Brenton never thought that there was such a strong master by Jack’s side, though after he got past his initial surprise, he threatened William.

“Who are you? You’re a master of the demi-god level. Do you know the results of going against the White family, young man?”

“Haha… My identity doesn’t concern you, but I won’t stand idly by if you attack him.” William laughed, a sliver of disdain visible in his eyes.

For Brenton, he could sense that his opponent was at the initial stage of the demi-god level. He had nothing to be afraid of as he had already achieved the last stage of the demi-god level!

Meanwhile, Mindy had arrived at a square where she asked a man, “Where’s the butler? Do you know where he’s at?”

The man smiled. “Butler Titus seems to be at the master’s quarters with Beth. After all, the master’s condition is degrading, and they constantly visit him.”

“Alright, thank you!” Mindy nodded and quickly rushed toward Nash’s quarters.

However, she was stopped by two White family members who were guarding the door when she arrived there.

“Mindy, is there anything that you need?” one of the men immediately asked Mindy. “We can help pass on the message if it’s urgent.”

“Oh dear, it’s something important!” Mindy was extremely anxious and immediately yelled loudly inside, “Sister Bella, Butler Titus! Quick! There’s something important, and I need you out here!”

Beth and Titus, who were inside, walked out from the house when they heard Mindy.

“Mindy, what’s going on?” blurted Titus as he walked out. “How can you yell so loudly when the master is taking a rest? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll disturb the master’s rest? It’s so impolite of you!”

Mindy smiled sheepishly and said, “Butler, there’s a woman who came with a younger man. She said that her name is Joan and her son’s name is Jack. Her son is the master’s son, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. They don’t seem to be lying, so I immediately came in to report this.”

“Is it true?!” Titus’ eyes widened as his expression morphed into joy. “What news! What splendid news! Let me inform the master, and we can all go down to welcome Young Master Jack!”

“So he really is the master’s son!”

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