No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1031

Mindy’s eyes widened when she saw how the butler reacted.

“Yes, that is the case!” Titus ran back into the house in excitement after he spoke.

“Titus, what’s going on? Is Mindy here for something important?” Nash had already sat up on the bed. Although he looked weak, he still managed to sit while putting all his weight on the headframe.

“Master, great news! It’s great news! Madam Joan has brought Young Master Jack with her and they’re at the bottom of the mountain!” Titus immediately announced with extreme excitement. “Wait here, Beth and I will go invite him here!”

Titus was ready to leave with Beth after he spoke.

“Is it true? That’s great! Hold on, I want to go too. I want to personally welcome them here!” However, Nash stood up with excitement and wanted to follow them.

“Master, you can’t even stand steadily with your body’s condition. It’s best if you lay here and wait for us. We’ll be back soon!” Titus quickly returned to support Nash and persuaded him.

“No, I have to go. I feel ashamed for what happened to them. I would be worried if I don’t go and fetch them personally!” Nash insisted.

“Alright, hold on to me then!” Titus did not know what to say when he saw how persistent Nash was. He could only help Nash as they walked to the garden before flying upward and toward the bottom of the mountain.

Beth had no other choice but to rush toward the bottom of the mountain at her fastest speed. She travelled speedily.

At this moment, Brenton had already been engaged in a fight with William for some time. However, his attacks were useless and he was angry over it.

Brenton yelled to the guards behind him when he realised that the fight could not go on this way. “Why are you guys still standing there? These people are forcing their way into our place. Kill them! Kill all of them!”

“This…” The remaining people hesitated.

The man who notified Brenton gritted his teeth and rushed toward Jack. He clenched his hand into a fist and had a ferocious look in his eyes. He intended to kill Jack.

“How dare you!” Lana swerved out and defended in front of Jack when she saw the man attacking Jack.

“Kill both of them!” Jack ordered when he realized Brenton really intended to kill him.

He knew clearly that it was easy for William to kill Brenton. However, Brenton was the White family’s patronum and William dared not kill him without Jack’s orders. Hence, William had been attacking with defensive strikes only.

Lana avoided the man’s attack effortlessly and punched the man on his chest after she heard what Jack said.

The middle-aged man flew outward and landed on the ground. He twitched several times before dying.

On the other side, William also killed his opponent with a slash of his sword.

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