No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1032

Two figures leaped from the stone steps high above within the next few seconds before finally landing not far away from Jack and the others.

Lana and William immediately looked at them with their guards up high.

“This…” Titus was speechless as he looked at both bodies on the floor. Why did Jack kill somebody when they had just arrived here? On top of that, the Ninth Patronum—Brenton White, who they had always wanted to get rid of, was also one of the casualties.

“J…Jack!” At this moment, Nash ignored the bodies on the floor and looked at Jack as his body shook slightly due to extreme excitement.

Jack opened his mouth and felt that his words were stuck in his throat. In the end, he said nothing.

“Joan, what…what happened?” Nash finally smiled bitterly and turned to look at Joan. It was great that Jack had returned. His son had grown up and was an adult. He was satisfied to have this chance of seeing his son and Joan.

“Both of them refused to let us enter. This patronum even claimed that we were trying to barge in by force when we didn’t. He attacked us and wanted to kill us!” Joan smiled bitterly. She then turned around and said to Jack, “Jack, this is your father, Nash White!”

“Young Master Jack, Master insisted that I bring him to meet you after he heard of your arrival. He refused to stay in bed even though I asked him to! He wants to see the both of you so badly!” Titus spoke on behalf of Nash.

Jack looked at the man who had a pale face. His heart softened as he walked two steps forward and said, “Father, I know that there were some misunderstandings between us. This time, I’m here to visit you and I also have a request!”

“You… You’re addressing me as your father!”

Nash was so touched that his eyes turned teary. He looked at Titus and said, “Titus, did I hear it wrongly? Jack… Jack called me father!”

At this moment, Nash was excited like a child and did not know what to say.

“Yes, Master. Young Master Jack is an understanding person.” Titus nodded his head in satisfaction. He then turned his sight to look at the Ninth Patronum’s body on the floor. He spoke softly, “Master, weren’t we always short of a reason to kill Brenton White? Isn’t it good that this friend of Young Master Jack killed him?”

Nash also nodded and said, “It’s great but Lily’s hatred toward Jack will increase.”

“Why should we be worried? The First Elder and many of the White family’s members are on your side. It’s their mistake and even the Lagorios cannot confuse what’s right with what’s wrong!” Titus said.

At this moment, many masters flew down after they heard fighting noises from the bottom of the mountain.

“Master, why did you come? The wind is so strong and it’s not good for your body!” An old man immediately asked caringly when he saw that Nash was here.

“Master, who are these people? Are they the ones who killed our people? Is the Ninth Patronum dead?” Many people looked at Jack and the others alertly. It looked like they would take violent action if words could not solve the issue.

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