No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1033

Nash spoke angrily, “Everybody, the Ninth Patronum is a wildly ambitious person. This is my son, Jack and that is Joan, my woman. I did not treat her well previously and I’m returning her status to her. I officially announce here that she’s your third madam!”

Nash paused here before continuing to speak, “I had no idea that the Ninth Patronum would embezzle all the money and cultivation resources I asked him to deliver. Now that I’ve found my son, he wanted to kill them to cover up what he did and forbid them to go up the mountains. Luckily my son’s friend has strong combat powers and killed him!”

“You… You’re Young Master Jack?”

The red-haired old man immediately stepped forward and said in excitement, “Great! This is great news that you’re back! Haha… The White family has an heir! I heard that you have good talents! You must be a seven or eight-grade grandmaster?”

Jack smiled indifferently and said, “I was lucky. I’ve been cultivating hard after I obtained the way of cultivation. I’m still far behind compared to you!”

Titus, who was by their side, made an introduction. “Jack, this is the First Elder, Kenneth White. He’s a real master and is already at the last stage of real god status. He’s just one step away from the highest level of cultivation.”

“This is the Second Elder. This is the Fifth Elder… This is the Seventh Patronum. There are still many who are not here. I’ll introduce them to you when we have time!” Titus introduced the remaining people.

“Greetings to all of you! I’m Jack White.” Jack cupped his hand and greeted them.

However, a middle-aged woman with a cold expression walked down the mountain with a group of people at this moment.

“I heard that somebody killed a member of the White family as soon as they arrived. This person had also killed the Ninth Patronum, am I right?” Lily said angrily.

“Who did this?! How dare this person do such a thing. How can the members of the White family be killed simply like this?” The Third Elder also had a darkened expression on his face and was extremely angry.

“Yes, who is this person? They really have the guts!” Two other elders joined the conversation angrily.

After all, the Ninth Patronum was a master of the demi-god status. They had spent lots of cultivation resources to groom such a strong master and his death was a huge loss for the White family.

“Everybody, this is the Third Madam, Joan. This is the son she had with our master, Young Master Jack!” Titus knew that Nash’s body was not doing good so he immediately made the introduction. “They returned today and the Ninth Patronum falsely accused them of forcing their way in. Young master’s friend had no other choice but to kill him as a defence because he intended to kill the young master!”

“Oh, this is the bastard child!” Lily commented with a cold expression on her face. “How dare you return now? This woman too! How shameless of you to return. If she did not seduce Nash years ago, why would Nash get together with a normal woman who doesn’t even know how to cultivate?!”

“Nonsense! She… She did not seduce me! We… We liked each other mutually!” Nash was agitated and he panted as he spoke. He could not help but cough after he finished speaking.

He knew Lily disliked Jack and Joan. However, he had no idea that this woman would act so brazenly and made him ashamed in public.

“Is this really the master’s son? This is great! The Eldest Young Master has gone missing and might be dead as we failed to find him after such a long period of time. Jack seems mature and the White family bloodline would be continued if he returns and inherits the White family!” Some of the White family members say in excitement after they heard that Jack was Nash’s illegitimate child.

Lily’s facial expression grew increasingly dark when she heard what they said.

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