No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1040

“Hah. Now I’m embarrassed for being the only one who hasn’t given something!”

The First Elder laughed and flipped his palm as well, taking out a martial arts scroll and giving it to Selena. “The techniques here are suitable for men. Give it to your brother! Just take it as a token of kindness.”

“I–I don’t know how to thank you all!”

Selena took everything and felt very embarrassed. All these gifts were true treasures. Furthermore, she and Ben could put it to good use.

“Hah. It’s easy if you truly want to thank us.”

The First Elder laughed and looked at Jack. “Miss Selena, please help us convince Jack to become the heir to the White family,” he said. “You’re always by his side. Just help us to talk some sense into him!”

Lizzie smiled and said, “That’s right. Please help us convince him. He’ll listen to you, rather than us. If he takes over the White family business and becomes the master, you’ll have all the training resources you could ever want at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about practice anymore!”

They had thought that Selena would immediately agree to this, as she had experienced a taste of their generosity.

However, she considered the proposal for a while, and she said something that no one expected. “This is not a small matter. Besides, the affairs of the White family are deeply entangled with the Lagario family. I’m in no position to interfere in this matter. Besides, as Jack’s wife, I will always support his decision!”

After they heard this, everyone nodded their heads in approval. A rational, sensible woman like her was hard to come by.

“I really do not wish to become the heir of the family. Besides, you all know that I have no deep connections with the White family!”

Jack gave a bitter smile. “I only came back because I heard that Father was gravely ill,” he said. “At first, I didn’t know that Fernando would be used to this point by the Americans. I only just found out about this.”

Here, Jack added, “Since I can tell what Father is suffering from, I roughly know how I can treat him. It’s getting serious, but I believe that he’ll make a full recovery. If that’s the case, I think that you can temporarily hold off choosing the heir of the White family anyway.”

“You–you can really help to cure your father?”

The First Elder was delighted when he heard this. “You told us it was poison, right? Do you know what herbs you need to cure it with?”

“I know how to cure him, but it’s not easy to find the herbs I need. Some are endangered species. It’ll be difficult to find them!”

Jack gave a bitter smile and said, “Don’t worry though. I still have confidence in my abilities.”

“Jack, I understand if you do not wish to take over my position. After all, the White family are practically strangers to you!”

Nash looked at Jack calmly. “But if you truly wish to save your friend, you must become the heir,” he said. “You will not have the authority to use the White family’s treasure if you’re not one of us. It’ll be difficult even for me to help you!”

The First Elder chimed in, “That’s right. You said it yourself, Jack. Your friend won’t last long. If you wish to save him, you must become the heir to the family, and you must quickly go through the initiation. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance to save him! Your father may be the master, but his body is weak now, and the White family does not rely on his decision alone. That’s why…”


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