No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1043

Titus, on the other hand, teased, “Haha! Well. Blood is always thicker than water, after all!”

However, Titus furrowed again. “Master White, you trust Jack a little too much, don’t you? What if this medicinal pill is poisonous? How could you not check the content of it, and just swallow it!” Titus questioned with a careful tone. “Besides, Young Master Jack asked for a competition, and you agreed to it without thinking twice! What if Young Master Jack’s combative prowess is hard to make him the champion in the competition? And your position as the head of the family fall into the hands of others?” Titus continued his concerns.

Nash did not respond immediately but laughed aloud at Titus’s worries instead. “I owe Jack and his mom too much. And I trust that he won’t harm me. Even if the medicine is poisonous, I would take it anyway. He’s my son, and he made the pill for me, I’ll eat it for sure!” Tears welled up in Nash’s eyes, then he continued, “I’m very content that I’m able to see them before I die. Besides, if he didn’t come here today, not only would I not have the chance to see them, I’d not even know that someone had poisoned me!”

Nash paused for a moment and his body leaned slightly backward. “As for the competition that he has proposed, I believe that he must have a certain level of confidence as well as combat prowess. At least he has the heart to fight for the position of the family head, he shouldn’t fight at all! Moreover, this position should fall into the hands of other White’s than into the hand of Lance!”

“What? No way! Master White, didn’t you always praise Lance highly? How come you don’t want him to be the heir of White family now?”

Lizzie’s jaw dropped to the ground and she looked stunned.

Nash replied with a stern and serious tone. “You’re right. Lance has the best ability to take over the White family, I don’t deny that. And I’ve always thought highly of him. But he’s not suitable to be the heir of the head to the White family; he’s not good to be the head of White family in the future!”

“May I know why? He has the talent, and he will become stronger and stronger in the future, how is this not a good thing? How is he not suitable to be the family lead?”

Lizzie did not quite understand Nash’s words. She knew that Nash had always liked Lance. She thinks that if Lance was still here, Master White would definitely make Lance the heir of this position. However, listening to Nash’s words with a stern tone, the situation did not seem so now.

Nash plastered a gentle smile on his face and said, “First, Lance is highly likely dead by now. Second, the Lagorios, especially Lily, spoiled him too much. Everything they gave Lance was the best. This has resulted in Lance becoming an arrogant and petulant man. He can’t stand any offenses nor teases; he is bad at controlling his temper! In fact, such situations may not be good for his future growth…”

The audience nodded in agreement after hearing Nash’s words. Indeed, Lance was born in the lap of luxury; he was spoiled and pampered by everyone, even up until now. This made him an arrogant and peevish man. He always wanted to be more superior wherever he went.

Nash then continued, “On the other hand, Jack is mature and composed. Whenever he does things, he is calm and balmy. All his disciples are so strong and powerful. And before that, he used to tell others that his disciples are his friends just to stay low profile and not create problems. Such a temperament is suitable to be the head of White family!”

“Master White, you’re really wise!”

The First Elder bobbed his head. He thought that what Master White said was right. “I really hope that Young Master Jack can get first place in this competition. In that case, the heir can be determined and Jack could also use the treasure to preserve the life of his disciple!”

“Yup. Although it’s wrong to think this way but we have to thank his disciple this time, otherwise, Jack would not agree to participate in the competition to be the head of the White family, let alone come meet me!”

Nash nodded and spoke with great satisfaction. “Jack was able to agree to this without hesitation for the sake of Fernando Campbell, which also shows that he is a person who values love and righteousness!”

“Dad, I find that you’re too partial toward Brother Jack. You keep complimenting him!”

Yule White, who was standing beside, whined bitterly with a pouty mouth.

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