No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1048

“As the saying goes, one who knows his own strength and that of the enemy is invincible in battle! Jack only came here yesterday. We don’t know anything about him, how his fighting prowess is, what is his signature combat move, does he have the strength to challenge beyond his level as such. We don’t even know the basics of him!”

Liah was more cautious compared to the other two White. After a moment of silence, she blurted, “Master White dares to organize an immediate competition, not even giving Jack the time to practice or prepare himself. Could it be that Master White has faith in him?”

“Heh? Faith in him?”

Hudson sneered. “That beggar is from the outer world. Who the hell knows where he lives and from whom he learned his martial arts? Even though he has raw talent, what could he really achieve from the secular world? What strength and power does he have to compare with us?”

Hudson halted to ponder for a moment, then he continued, “I’m certain that even if our combat prowess and his is on the same level, we can defeat him easily. Any of us can defeat ten of him easily. Because his fighting technique and control of Chi won’t be as good as ours! So, naturally, he can’t win against us.”

Martin concurred with Hudson and said, “I agreed with what Hudson said. It’s already a miracle for that beggar to have the fighting prowess of a grandmaster level. Besides, if he’s not at the grandmaster level, then he’s at most a senior fighter! Definitely not at the demi-god level!”

“You’re too sure of that, aren’t you?”

Hudson sneered at Martin’s childish claim.


Martin snorted coldly. “I went to ask the bodyguards at the gate about Jack yesterday. They said that the beggar didn’t even make a move yesterday when Ninth Patronum was attacking him. He hid behind his friends! So, I think since he’s hiding behind his friends, his fighting prowess is definitely not strong. His friends are afraid that he’ll be killed! And that’s why they fought for him!”

“If this is the case, isn’t this beggar wasting his time participating in the competition tomorrow? If what you said is true, it also means that the chances of him winning the position of the heir of the family and getting the Cryo Pearl are close to none. Haha! He wouldn’t be able to get the Cryo Pearl!”

A few lines appeared between Hudson’s brows; he was deep in thought. “Hmmm…If it’s so, why would Nash do this? The opportunity to make his son the heir of the family head is non-existent, isn’t it? Once the heir of the family head is elected, the heir wouldn’t be replaced in the next ten to twenty years. Unless this heir becomes the family head and dies at an early age!”

“Perhaps, Master White is giving his son a chance. After all, he knows that Jack needs the Cyro Pearl to save his friend. If he just hands the pearl to Jack, nobody in the White family will agree to that. Sigh! Now isn’t the time to overthink. We’ll know what the real situation is tomorrow!”

Martin waved his hand and shook his head. He was too tired to use every single brain cell of his.

The news about the competition soon spread out. When the news entered the ears of the Third Elder and Lily, their faces went white and unsightly at the same time.

“What the heck is happening? The idiot Nash, what the hell is he thinking? Why the sudden competition?”

Wade was completely dumbfounded. He initially thought that Nash would hold a meeting and try to persuade them into giving the Cyro Pearl to Jack.

He had an in-depth discussion with Lily about how to handle this situation—to firmly oppose the idea of giving Cyro Pearl to Jack. Wade had even planned to meet some other elders and convinced them to take their side!

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