No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1049

He had never expected that such a notice was issued the next day. The notice of competing for the position of the heir to the family head. This had completely ruined their plans.

“Why in such a hurry to hold a martial art competition?”

Lily was rendered speechless. The more she thought about the matter, the stronger the anger that pulsed through her veins. “I’m not letting that happen! My son has not returned! What bullsh*t competition is this? I must go talk to them; I must go now! The position of the heir to the family head belongs to my son. This trashy competition has ruined it all! My son doesn’t even have the chance to sign up for this competition, this is too ridiculous!”

Nonetheless, just when Lily extended her legs, preparing to storm out the room, she was pulled back by Wade. “Stop being stupid! Don’t stir things up! If you go and make a fuss, it won’t do you any good at all. The notice is already posted up there, there’s no way for us to change it!”

“Why can’t it be changed? Nash White, that old sc*mbag! He didn’t even inquire about my opinion about this competition, and went ahead to announce it! What does he mean by that? I am his f*cking wife! Isn’t he being too disrespectful toward me?”

Anger rose in Lily like an endless tide. She was so upset that she did not know what to curse anymore.

“Lily, ever since he was poisoned and his health declined, you rarely go over to visit him, will he be happy about this? Moreover, you were always cold and had a b*tch face in front of him all the time! He’s not dead yet; he’s still your husband! Even if it’s an act, could you at least act like a good wife in these last two months?”

Wade let out a bitter smile. “There’s nothing you can do even if you go to them right now. Because this announcement is what everyone wants, it’s aligned with everybody’s desires! Only in the case of holding a fair competition, then the young generation and other elders will be convinced truthfully. Because in such a way, they have a fair chance for the position of the heir too; it’s ten times better than an internal decision on who the heir will be!”

Wade stopped the train of thoughts and paused for a moment. He then continued, “Therefore, under this circumstance where nobody supports your argument, going over there to talk to them will be a waste of time, not to mention that this might worsen your relationship with Nash. If you go over to him and cause more trouble, the loss is yours!”

“But—but, if I didn’t fight for it, my son wouldn’t have the chance to be the heir! If we let the competition happen, no matter who’s the heir of the family head, when Nash dies, that person will replace Nash’s position! Lance couldn’t be the head neither could you!”

Lily was burning with anger that her eyes were glossy. If Wade became the head of the family, he could still pass the position to Lance in the future. After all, she was in cahoots with Wade and had been having a romantic affair with Wade all this while!

Hence, if the position of the family head were to fall into the hands of others, even if the hands were not of Jack, but some other talented fighters, it would be impossible to pass this position to Lance anymore!

A gloomy look plastered on Wade’s face. “That old sc*mbag, he really caught people off guard, didn’t he? The appearance of Jack as well as this sudden competition for the position of the heir… Heh! Nash had utterly ruined my plans! But, we can’t do anything now; we’ve always been on the passive side. As long as Nash and the First Elder are still alive, I won’t even have the chance to rebel!”

“Oh, by the way, although the rules of this competition say that you can’t murder your opponent, we would never know what might happen in a fight, right? If that beggar, Jack White, is accidentally killed in the competition, Nash can’t do much, right?”

Lily’s eyes lit up like a bulb when a seemingly marvelous idea came into her mind.

“You’re so smart! Why didn’t I think of this before? That brat’s fighting prowess is not that strong. Hmmm…Why don’t we talk to two young Whites, order them not to hold back when facing Jack in the competition, and kill him ‘accidentally’? And that time, we could argue that it was merely an accident, a mistake, that they didn’t control their strength well. It will work, right?”

Wade’s eyes lit up as well as though he had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. “Hahaha! Brilliant idea! I can’t wait to see Nash’s face when Jack dies in front of him! This will definitely piss him off!”

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