No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1051

The next morning, a lot of people were gathered on the rooftop of a huge plaza located on the peak of a hill. Aside from the main family within the White family, a few other branches of the White family as well as some families attached to them had all come.

All of them never expected that Master White would hold this event to choose his successor, right after his only son had returned to the family.

“You’re becoming more and more daring now, Nash. You didn’t even bother to discuss such a big matter with me, and you went ahead and made the decision yourself. Do you hold no respect for me?”

On a gallery high above the square, Lily, who was seated next to Nash, rolled her eyes at her husband, huffing angrily.

“Heh. This was a last-minute decision. But as the head of the White family, I think I have some authority in this matter, especially since I’ve discussed it with plenty of elders already.”

Nash chuckled, speaking as though he was not the least bit angry.

“Hmph. I think you just don’t want Lance to become the successor. And you’ve been brainwashed by that vixen from the earthly realm. Are you thinking of surrendering the entire White family to the son you had with her?”

Lily harrumphed coldly and shot Nash a glare.

“Why are you still hung up over something that happened ages ago, Lily? Besides, I didn’t do anything that grieved you, right, besides that one thing? If you can accept Lizzie, why can’t you accept Joan and Jack? Can’t we just live together happily as one family?”

Nash frowned and stared at the woman before him. He realized that Lily had changed so much—she was not the woman he used to know. Back then, she was outspoken and abrasive and prevented Joan from marrying into the White family, but she would never hire hitmen to kill Jack and the others.

“Heh. Joan is a woman from the mortal realm. She’s not even a Chi practitioner-in-training. How can you tell me to accept her? Anyone who doesn’t know how to manipulate Chi is beneath us. I don’t want people talking behind your back, badmouthing you because you married a woman like that!

“Let’s say you married her and she gave you a son—would he have innate talent? Will he be as pure bred and as esteemed as us?”

Since Nash refused to spare her reputation, Lily did not hold back in demolishing him either. She stood up and spoke loudly.

“Hmph. Jack can give us a run for our money if I say so!”

Nash harrumphed coldly. He coughed after he said this. It was evident that his body was still weak.

“Him? Give us a run for our money? That brat is definitely a lot worse than my son. You’ll find out for yourself in a while!”

Lily sat down and spoke flippantly, “I’m telling you, Nash White, that Lance isn’t dead. He’s still alive. It doesn’t matter if you choose to hold this competition or whatnot, I’ll never acknowledge the winner of this heir selection. My son is the true successor, and he’s the one most suited for the role!”

“Whatever you say!”

Lily was refusing to budge, and Joan remained silent at the side. Nash unleashed his temper and said in a cold tone, “It doesn’t matter if you acknowledge this competition or not. All the members of the White family recognize it for what it is, and the elders all think that this is the fairest way to move forward. That itself is enough for me!”

After he said that, he cast his attention to a middle-aged woman who was garbed in a red dress. He nodded his head. “Let us begin!”

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