No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1052

The Fourth Elder, clad in a red dress, was a beautiful woman of around forty years old. Despite being forty, her skin was still smooth and radiant, and she was extremely beautiful!

Chi practitioners had their bodies maintained by chi, and the aura surrounding them was out of the ordinary. Furthermore, they age slower than regular people. That was why a woman like that would immediately enamor plenty of men from the mortal realm if they saw her.

She leaped and drifted toward the fighting stage in the middle. “I am the Fourth Elder, Wendy,” she announced to everyone. “I was fairly late in joining the White family, and I am neither a member of the White nor Lagorio family. That’s why I think it’s only appropriate that I host this competition!”

Many of the elders could not help but smile when they heard this. It was true that if anyone else were chosen as the host, it was likely that they would be beating around the bush all day.

Although Wendy was an elder of the White family, she was not born into the family nor the Lagorio family. Nobody could speak against her if that was the case.

“As you can see, there are ten fighting stages set up here. The one on my far left is the first stage, counting all the way up to the tenth to my far right!”

Wendy gave a small smile and introduced everything, “There are a total of 230 people participating in this competition. And they’re all the younger members of the White family…”

“So many people!”

After he heard that, Jack could not help but be astonished. The younger generation had plenty of guts to come forth and participate in this competition. It was evident that they were grandmasters, at the very least. He still never expected there to be so many people.

Furthermore, all these people definitely descended from the main family, and this number did not include people from the White family’s branches as well as other families who answered to the White family.

The White family was truly an illustrious family that deserved its position as one of the Eight Shadow Families!

“The first competition is easy enough. We want to elect the top hundred candidates from it!”

Master Wendy smiled. “The rules are simple. If you’re pushed off the fighting stage, you’re out. We’ll do this melee until only a hundred people are left on the stage, and these hundred will move on to the next round!”

“What! It’s a melee!”

Some people were surprised when they heard this.

“Heh. There’s some element of luck to this round. Even if an individual is not very strong, they’ll still advance to the next round with a bit of luck and some determination!”

An old man could not help but smile.

“That’s right. There’s also the possibility of joining forces to kick someone stronger out, no?”

Another middle-aged man smiled as he spoke.

“Hah. This should be interesting. Luck is also a type of strength. It’ll be fun to see how this plays out!”

Someone’s lips curved into an amused smile.

“You’re still smiling? Your son may be at the beginning stage of the true god status. He is pretty strong, and he could have easily entered the top hundred, but what if his luck is so bad that he runs into someone else of his status or an advanced practitioner of the true god status? Heh. Then your son would be eliminated first. Wouldn’t that be too bad for him?”

The old man beside him could not help but say.

“No worries about that. The fun side of this competition is the participation! It doesn’t matter even if my son doesn’t emerge as the champion and clinch the title of the heir!”

The man from earlier smiled.

On the stage, Wendy was waiting for everyone to quiet down before speaking. “All right, all participants, please come to Stage Number One!”

In a flash, plenty of people leaped onto fighting stage number one.

Everyone exchanged looks between each other, every single one of them ready to wage war.


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