No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1053

Some people who knew each other quite well clustered together, preparing to watch each other’s backs.

“This is a good chance. Let’s get that adopted son-in-law first. Hah. He’ll know the cruelty of the world once he’s eliminated in the first round!”

One of the participants from the White family looked at Jack from a distance, a hint of a smile on his lips.

He was a ninth-grade grandmaster. He was one of the top fighters among the younger generation of the White family.

After all, he would be considered as an eight or nine-star King of War outside, with his fighting prowess.

As he spoke, he set foot to go over to Jack’s side.

However, he only closed half of the distance when he stopped, shock painted all over his expression.

The two beauties of the White family, Beth, and Yule, were actually walking over to Jack.

“No way. Those two masters are going to help get rid of Jack? Seems like plenty of people are targeting him already. Heh! He sure has a big fat target on his back. Everybody wants to get rid of him first!”

The man flashed a bitter smile. it seemed that there were plenty of people who were thinking along his lines. He did not have to go over then. If he did, he might be eliminated by the two beautiful masters instead.

“Hah. Seems that Jack is in bad luck today. I wanted to go over and eliminate him first—tell him that he’s not good enough to become the heir to the White family. Never thought that someone would beat me to it!”

Martin burst out in laughter as he watched this from a distance.

“Heh. It’s obvious that he’s going to be eliminated soon. He’ll be the laughing stock of the century. Hah!”

Plenty of participants from the White family also stared at Jack, cold smiles on their lips.

“All right, since everyone is here, let the first round officially commence!”

The Fourth Elder smiled and flagged off the start of the competition.

“Hah. Get your a** off here!”

Some people had already set their eyes on their opponents. They all rushed toward various people once Wendy’s voice rang out.

The cacophony of various brawls immediately exploded at stage one. The fighting grew fiercer with every passing second.

A second-grade grandmaster was punched off the stage by a fifth-grade grandmaster.

“Ah. I’m no good. I can’t even get into the top hundred!”

The second-grade grandmaster immediately heaved a sigh and shook his head forlornly.

“Who are the two of you?”

Jack’s lips twisted into a bitter smile as he saw the two beauties before him. He did not know why they came to him.

“I’m here to protect you. But I’ve no idea why Yule is here!”

Beth said with a smile.

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