No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1054

Beth folded her arms after she finished speaking, glancing toward Yule with a slight smile on her face.

Yule did not know whether to laugh or cry. She shrugged her shoulders. “I never thought that you would think the same as I did, Beth,” she said.

She paused here and looked at Jack before continuing, “I had no choice. This punk is my older brother, unfortunately. It’ll be embarrassing if he were to lose terribly and become the butt of everyone’s joke. Besides, my mother told me to take care of him. I have to think of some ways to prevent him from losing the first round. We’d never live it down otherwise!”

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard the conversation between them. Still, warmth tinged his insides; these two young ladies were trying to look out for him.

In a split second, over 30 people had been shoved off the stage.

“Strange. Why aren’t those two liftings a finger?”

Someone realized that something was off. He could not help but mutter after he managed to get rid of an opponent.

“Nash White!”

In the viewing gallery, Lily’s expression had darkened. “You actually told those two to protect Jack? Heh. I never thought that you would resort to such dirty tactics for the sake of your son.”

Nash had been watching everything unfold on the fighting stage as well. “Heh. I didn’t arrange for this. I never thought that they would help Jack either,” he said, a bitter smile on his face. “Or perhaps they wanted to help him because they thought that he was a pretty good man!”

The corners of the Third Elder’s lips twitched when he heard that. “Heh. Shouldn’t you have thought of a better excuse, Master?” he said, expression stony. “Beth and Yule have only known Jack for a short time. How could they help him on their own accord? But it doesn’t matter, since he’ll be eliminated in the second round. He’ll just lose less shamefully!”

“How interesting, Beth, Yule. You’re…actually helping the live-in son-in-law?”

At this moment, a man could not stand the sight any longer. He threw an opponent off the stage and stomped his foot, streaking straight before the trio. He spoke with a cold smile.

“Heh. We’re not going against the rules, Lionel, are we? You can fight us if you’re not pleased with anything!”

Beth folded her arms before her chest. “You, an eighth-grade grandmaster, are thinking of eliminating the two of us?” she said haughtily.

A muscle worked in his jaw. A cloud suddenly fell over his face.

However, he quickly reined in his anger. “Are you a true man, you punk? Hiding behind these two women’s backs. Some hero you are,” he said, looking at Jack. “Fight me if you have the guts. Stop hiding behind other people like some ostrich!”

“Heh, Jack won’t fall for your trap. He’s not an idiot. He’ll never be roused by your provocation.”

Yule folded her arms across her chest and spoke without hesitation, lips curved into a frosty smile.

That smile instantly disappeared after she said that—because Jack was actually slowly walking forward until he became before her and Beth.

“Heh. You do have a point. As a man, I shouldn’t hide behind others.”

Jack came before the man and stared at him, smirking.

“He’s provoking you, Jack. Can’t you tell? He can’t beat us, so he wants to lure you out to eliminate you!”

Yule began to panic. “You are the Master’s son,” she whispered to Jack. “Plenty of people will take you for a joke if you’re eliminated during the first round!”

“That’s right, Jack. Listen to your little sister. I think she’s right too. I want to help you because of this!”


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