No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1055

Beth also tried to convince Jack.

The two of them were fighters who had attained the true god status. Regular participants did not dare to seek trouble with either one of them.

After all, there were not many fighters like them among the younger generation.

“Hah. You’ve got guts!”

Lionel also never expected Jack to fall for it. He flashed a thumbs up. “Don’t worry, you’ll be respected even if you lose to me. At least you’re not a wimp who hides behind women’s backs!”

“Heh. I don’t have the right to even touch the Cryo Pearl if I can’t beat you.”

No one expected Jack to speak with such a grudging tone, a wan smile on his face.

“Oh my. You’re aiming for the treasure? So you want to be the champion!”

Lionel smiled; his gaze hardened. “You’re all bark and no bite!”

“Cut the crap. There’ll only be a hundred people left on this stage very soon if I don’t throw you out!”

Jack took a step forward and curled his fingers mockingly.

Lionel stomped his foot and came before Jack, directing a punch at the latter.

He was fast, and his attack was ferocious. It was evident that he was not holding back.

“Heh. Seems like your son isn’t listening to your orders, Nash. I think Lionel will be the one to eliminate him!”

Lily smirked as she observed what was happening on the fighting stage. She knew that Jack had been provoked by Lionel’s words to come forward and fight.

Yet the very next second, Lily’s expression crumpled.

Jack did not dodge Lionel’s blow at all, raising his fist instead to meet his opponent’s.

Lionel, the eighth-grade grandmaster, was actually flung backward from the impact, landing heavily below the stage. He spat a mouthful of blood, and his cheeks were leached out of color.

“What! That punk…is of a true god status?”

Lionel was shocked that he had been eliminated. Disbelief filled his eyes. He never thought that a brat from the mortal realm would actually be so frighteningly strong. The force behind Jack’s punch made him feel like there would have been no way to counter it.

“Heh. My apologies, dear, but Jack is not as weak as you think he is!”

Nash nodded his head in approval, speaking to Lily.

The corners of Lily’s lips twitched. “He’s not bad, but he’s far below the likes of my son,” she said. “My son isn’t here today, but if he were, he would be crowned champion!”

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