No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1063

The tall and bulky Martin intervened in a gruff voice.

“That punk merely got lucky in the previous round and defeated Yule!”

Another man chimed in with a cold smile. “First, Yule simply didn’t expect for him to be at the demi-god level, so Yule certainly didn’t use her full strength in the battle, giving him the advantage to win over her. Second, Yule has not had the time to use her martial techniques and skills. Heh! If she had the time to use them, or even take out weapons, it’d be easy-peasy for her to win that round!”

The man who chimed in after pondering was a ninth-grade grandmaster.

Jack did not bother paying attention to these men, instead, he sat down, crossed his legs, and waited leisurely for the next round.

The contempt from these people, sooner or later, he would use his fists to respond and make them understand that although he, Jack White, came from the mundane world, he was not any inferior to these so-called masters of the White family.

Jack noticed the Third Elder from afar, who was at the high viewing platform. The only person that concerned him was the Third Elder.

Because Titus had told him before that this Third Elder, Lily, and the Ninth Patronum—Brenton White—were basically a team; they were close to each other. The Third Elder was very good at hiding himself in the dark. A warm yet fake smile always hung on his face whenever he talked to someone. Jack thought that he should be cautious of the Third Elder.

The most concerning thing was that the Third Elder’s martial art status and combat prowess were top-notch. Other than the First Elder, only Nash White would be able to fight with him. But now that his father was poisoned; therefore, the only person left who could hold the Third Elder was the First Elder.

Jack couldn’t care less about these so-called masters. He was already at the true god realm; with such martial level and combat prowess, it was sufficient for him to defeat these masters easily.

Nonetheless, he was completely clueless about the Third Elder and his people. If the other party had plotted a murder on him, he did not know if he was able to defeat them.

After all, Jack had never fought such a strong person before.

Soon, the second round was finally over.

“Next will be the third round! Listen carefully, in this round of competition, there are only five winners, the top five. So this is another melee round, and it only ends when there’s only last five standing on the stage!”

“And the top five candidates will be awarded a first-grade premium spirited grass!”

The Fourth Elder flew onto the stage and announced the rules for the third round aloud.

The candidates’ spirits were suddenly soaring high when they heard of the prize for the top five—the spirited grass. They clearly did not see this coming; they did not expect the top five would receive such a treasure.

“What’s a spirited grass? First-grade premium spirited grass? Is it something powerful? Why is everybody so excited?”

At a spot under the stage, Selena asked with a puzzled face. Jack winning all the previous rounds was within her expectation, after all, she knew very well that Jack’s martial art level was already at the elementary stage of the true god level. Anyway, she still went and inquired about the masters and felt instant relief when she knew of their martial art level.

She truly believed that the position of the first place in this tournament belonged to Jack.

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