No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1070

The sight of Hudson, a man who achieved the final stage of the demi-god-level, defeated by Jack with a single punch shocked everyone to the core.

Comments began to spiral on top of the observation stage. Before this, they could still say that Nash set everything up and that Yule lost to Nash on purpose.

However, it was obvious that Hudson did not throw the game away on purpose.

The five people standing in front of Jack had disbelief written all over their faces.

It was only after a good while that Liah, her expression shifting into a more grim mein, spoke, “This guy’s at an incredible state level now, and he’s also adept in combat. Don’t underestimate him. I say we attack together!”

“Yes, let’s attack together and eliminate this guy first. We can’t let him win again. We’d have no place to hide our faces if he wins and becomes the champion.” Martin immediately nodded. There was still hope for them if all five of them attacked Jack together.

“Jack, I can help block one or two!” offered Beth, her countenance alert and sharp.

What she did not expect was for Jack to shake his head and said, “Don’t worry about it. I don’t need your help here; I can handle them all no problem!”

Martin, Liah, and the others had their lips uncontrollably twitching. The guy before them was practically rubbing it on their faces.

“Exploding Wolf Punch!” Not wanting to spare a single second for Jack, Martin balled his fist and condensed Chi to cover it. He performed a martial-art skill and rushed toward Jack.

“What?! He executed the Exploding Wolf Punch? That’s a first-grade premium martial skill, an impressive skill for a young person. Their attack power can increase by several folds after using this skill!” Many people at the observation deck exclaimed after they saw this.

“Look, it’s the illusion of a wolf head. I had no idea that Martin could perform this martial skill so well. It’s unfortunate that he’s not a master in the real god-stage; he’d be able to send the wolf head to the opponent and attack his opponent if he was a master at that level. The attack power would be magnificent!” exclaimed some among the people. “However, it’s quite difficult for Martin to perform the Exploding Wolf Punch in such a manner.”

At that moment…

“Exploding Wolf Punch!” Liah performed the same punching skill and rushed toward Jack with Martin.

The Exploding Wolf Punch that Liah performed had also achieved an extremely thorough status. The Chi on her punch was also thickly condensed, and there was also an illusion of the wolf head on it.

“Clouds Flowing Palm!” The other three people who were halfway in their demi-god level carried out a first-grade premium martial skill. Although this martial skill was not as strong as the Exploding Wolf Punch, the power was daunting enough when three prodigies at the middle stage of the demi-god level used it to attack Jack altogether.

“Hmph! I’d like to see what you’ll do this time, Jack.” On the observation deck, Lily—seeing how five younger masters attacked Jack altogether with strong martial skills—smiled a triumphant smile.

She knew Jack was as good as gone. That guy was delusional when he said he wanted to win the competition.

“Haha… A big wave is coming!” However, Jack only smiled indifferently when he saw the attacks and remained unperturbed.

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