No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1073

Every person who won the top five position got a first-grade premium spirited grass as their reward, much to their joy.

Hudson, Martin, and the others sat on the floor below the stage as they tended to their wounds, all while they wore a soured expression.

They originally had hoped of being in the top five and obtaining the spirited grass, but not only did they fail to defeat Jack, but they failed to obtain the spirited grass as well.

Hudson glanced at Lily who was on the observation stage and thought to himself, ‘If I knew that this guy was that talented, I wouldn’t have thought about what rewards Lily would’ve given me. Now, I have nothing!’

Everything that happened afterward was just like how everybody imagined it to be: Jack was crowned champion while Beth was the first runner-up.

“Let me announce that the martial arts competition has come to an end. Congratulations to Young Master Jack for winning the competition and becoming the family master inheritor. He obtains the right to keep and use the White family’s treasure, Cyro Pearl, but he’ll need to inform all elders before he could use it,” the Fourth Elder, Wendy Wind announced loudly on the competition stage. “I invite Young Master Jack to come up to the stage and receive his reward!”

Jack exhaled heavily before wearing a small smile. He flew upward to the competition stage and arrived before the Fourth Elder.

“Young man, is the power of a second-grade martial skill? How did you obtain it?” Wendy could not keep her question at bay as she softly asked, passing the Cyro Pearl to Jack as she did.

Jack smiled sheepishly and said, “I was lucky to obtain it, but I can tell you that it’s a second-grade intermediate martial skill.”

“A second-grade intermediate skill is a really good one. Even the White family only has several.” Wendy smiled indifferently.

Jack nodded. He then raised the cold Cyro Pearl up and announced, “I plan to use this Cyro Pearl later as one of my brothers is badly hurt, hanging only onto his last breath. The Cyro Pearl is one of the reasons I joined this competition! Since everybody is here, I’m notifying all of you now.”

At this moment, the Third Elder—pissed off at the competition’s outcome—slowly stood up and spoke in his slightly worn-out voice, “I don’t think that your friend is badly hurt. I had a good look at his body, and his wounds are superficial. The most crucial point is that someone had trained him into a puppet, so his body is extremely stiff while his breath of life has been reduced to an extremely small amount. Won’t it be wasteful to use our White family treasure on someone like this?”

“Puppet? Why did his brother become a puppet?”

“Oh, my! Such evil skills really exist?”

Hushed murmurs spread throughout the square after hearing what the Third Elder had to say.

Startled, the First Elder immediately asked, “Jack, is the Third Elder telling the truth? Why did your brother become a puppet? Why do such evil ways still exist?”

“There really are such skills in this world, but they don’t exist in Daxia. This was the work of a mysterious power from overseas,” answered Jack, his fists tightening as he did. “We had already killed their people before, but I’m not sure if there are still people in this group or even how many still live on.”

The Third Elder thought about it before folding his hands behind his back and firmly said, “I object to you using the Cyro Pearl on your brother.”

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