No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1074

Jack did not expect that the Third elder would fail to contain himself and stepped forward to make him look bad.

He smiled indifferently and stared at the Third Elder who stood high up on the observation stage. “Really?” challenged Jack. “Please explain why you’re objecting to my choice?”

The Third Elder then replied, “It’s simple. This Cyro Pearl is a treasure we’ve obtained with much difficulty, so it’s best if we use it with care. We need to think about its value before we use it. No harm is done if we’re to use the Cyro Pearl on the family master or other important people of the White family.” He let that sink before he added, “But to use it on your brother, an outsider… It doesn’t seem to fit, now does it?”

Noticing Jack’s silence, he then continued, “This is only one of the reasons. The second one is because the Cyro Pearl has no healing properties. Apart from sealing a person in ice and keeping a dead person somewhat alive, it has no other effects. Even if you seal this friend of yours right now, do you have ways to treat him later on? He won’t escape the fate of dying if you don’t have the means to treat him after you unseal him.”

At the same time, Lily also laughed and stood up. “That’s right. Putting the fact that you’re using this on an outsider aside, the most crucial point is if you can revive a puppet. Haha…! I’d say that’s rather impossible. It’s better that you end that once and for all.”

Many people started discussing among themselves after they heard what the Third Elder and Lily said, sharing their opinion that it was indeed wasteful to use such a treasure on an outsider when there was no definite way of saving that person.

Apart from that, there was only one Cyro Pearl, and it would be gone after it was used.

Jack smiled and said, “Firstly, I’ve won the competition, and the Cyo Pearl is my reward. Am I not right to say that nobody has the right to interfere with how I use this pearl or who I use it on? Secondly, I’ll definitely search for a way to cure my brother after I’ve frozen him. How I treat him seems to have nothing to do with you.”

“Haha… You’ve got a point, Young Master Jack. Indeed, we have no right to intervene since this item belongs to you, and based on the rules, you can use it however you like. I’m merely providing a suggestion, and you can choose to ignore the suggestions from us, the elders.” Wade chuckled aloud, satisfied with Jack’s reply.

He knew Jack would not just give up on saving his friend.

However, the other Elders and everyone else would naturally have some comments based on what Jack had said. They would feel that Jack liked to do things his way without thinking about the bigger picture or listening to the recommendations from other people. A person with such characteristics was naturally unsuited to be the future family master.

The reason Wade stood forward and said the things he did was to lead Jack so he would leave a bad impression in the hearts of the other Elders.


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