No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1075

Nash was not stupid; he noticed what Wade was trying to do. He smiled and stood up. “To be honest, the Cyro Pearl is a treasure when we say that it is because it can freeze up an area the size of a room. Even if you’re a dying man, it can also remain the person’s condition after being frozen with the Cyro Pearl. However, this pearl can also not be considered a treasure as it has no healing properties. It doesn’t have any other functions apart from freezing things up.”

Many people nodded after they heard what Nash said—seemed as though this Cyro Pearl was not such an extremely important object after all.

Once the noises of the people’s discussions died down, Nash continued, “Apart from that, we’re one of the eight shadow families, and we need to keep our promises. Since we’ve promised to give this pearl to the champion and Jack won the competition, the pearl belongs to him. He’s entitled to do whatever he wants with it. Doesn’t that make sense, everyone?”

“Yes, Master is right. I feel that this belongs to Jack, so on what grounds can we interfere with how he uses it? If it was mine, I’d use it based on my needs!” said the Seventh Elder confidently once he stood up. “Young Master Jack is so talented at such a young age. To me, Young Master Jack is the true treasure. He returned regardless of previous unpleasantries and became our family master’s inheritor. Compared to the Cyro Pearl, Young Master Jack is the treasure with unlimited possibilities that the gods gave us!”

The Sixth Elder was slightly stunned, but he also stepped forward and smilingly said, “Yes, Young Master Jack is really talented. Young Master Lance isn’t here today, but I don’t think he could receive the attack we’ve just seen if he’s here.”

Meanwhile, a branch family master also stood up and chimed in, “Yes, we strongly support Young Master Jack. Young Master Jack is so talented, and we’re convinced that he becomes the family master’s inheritor. I believe that with Young Master Jack’s talents, it’ll only take him another one to two years to break through and achieve the primary stage of the real god-level!”

The corners of the Third Elder’s mouth twitched several times when he heard this. These people must have stood forward with such an attitude because Jack was the current inheritor. They wanted to please Jack as he would be the future family master once Nash would pass on.

After all, if they stood forward and spoke on Jack’s behalf, they would become closer to Jack and he would remember them. Their future lives would be much better then.

Lily, who was by their side, had a darkened expression on her face. “What you’re saying is too overboard,” she seethed. “Isn’t my son, Lance, talented as well? Haha… My son might have reached the true god-level by now. After all, he’s only one step away from the true god-level, and he’s been away from home for two to three months. How can Jack be his opponent if he had already achieved the true god-level?”

“What the eldest madam says makes sense. If Young Master Lance is back, the competition would be a fight between two great masters!” A man from the Lagorio family, who happened to be an elder, slightly smiled as he spoke. “Nobody could anticipate the results, and we can only say that Jack is lucky. After all, the condition of our Young Master Lance is still unknown!”

“Alright, let’s stop discussing this and settle down on what happened today. Now that the competition has ended and Jack is the inheritor, he can do what he wants with the Cyro Pearl. Let’s stop this gathering.” Nash waved his hand and gestured for everybody to leave.


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