No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1078

Jack walked forward to inspect Fernando’s form afterward, noticing that his breath of life had indeed weakened. If they did not freeze him, it would be impossible to save him the following day.

They were fortunate that the old man from the mysterious group was in a hurry to kill him and the others, so he did not linger to wait for Fernando to be a complete puppet. He used Fernando in his fights when Fernando still had a slight sense of intelligence and breath of life.

If the other party had waited a couple more days for Fernando’s breath of life to completely disappear before using him in battles, Fernando would have been dead.

Jack’s eyes turned red when he thought of Fernando—the man who once made great achievements on the battlefield—had fallen into such a poor state.

Exhaling heavily, Jack took the Cyro Pearl, gently opened Fernando’s mouth, and placed the pearl into his mouth.

Once done, Jack tapped one of his fingers on the pearl, and strands of Chi appeared from his fingertip into the Cyro Pearl with his thoughts.

With the Chi entering the Cyro Pearl, it slowly emitted a faint blue light.

As the blue light grew stronger, Jack removed his finger and stood up.

The light shone as ice crystals emerged continuously. The temperature of their surroundings also started to drop.

“Go, step back.”

Jack relaxed when he saw Fernando’s body frozen little by little. The ice crystals gradually increased and thickened.

Jack had no methods of curing Fernando, but at least he would not perish in his frozen status. Of course, Jack had to come up with a method to heal Fernando.

Not long later, Fernando’s entire stone bed was frozen and he was entombed as though it was an ice coffin.

“Incredible… I had no idea that the pearl would be that useful!” blurted Ben at the sight of how the pearl worked. “There really are all sorts of precious items in this world. Such a precious item must be worth lots of money if we sell it in an auction!”

Elaine rolled her eyes at him in response. “Who’d sell such a precious item? They’d be a fool to do that.”

Jack smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not worth that much because this item can only be used once. The pearl would disappear when the ice coffin is opened.”

Selena, who was beside, thought about it and asked, “But Honey, Lily and the others are malicious people. What if they come in and destroy this ice coffin when nobody is here? Won’t that be a grave problem?”

Jack’s heart was filled with a warm feeling when he saw Selena’s worried face, and he smilingly assured, “This isn’t just a regular treasure. Once this ice coffin freezes Fernando, nobody would be able to destroy it. Even a master of the true god-level won’t be able to forcefully destroy the coffin. How could it be the White family’s treasure if that’s not the case?”

“Oh my… It’s that amazing? It’s really that strong?” Ben exclaimed when he heard what Jack said. However, he soon frowned again and said, “How should we undo this freeze on Fernando when you find a way to heal him in the future?”

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