No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1080

Meanwhile, Lily was seething in her room, feeling as though her heart was blocked by something. “I’m furious! This bastard kid actually has such high fighting prowess, and he even knows a second-grade intermediate martial skill. Oh, that boils my blood!”

Lily had thought of asking Hudson and the others to kill Jack during the martial arts competition; they could say that their hands slipped or that they failed to control their power.

Even if they failed to kill Jack, they could have at least stopped him from becoming the champion and obtaining the family master’s inheritor.

It was to everyone’s bewilderment that that young man managed to suppress everybody in that competition and obtained the position the family master acknowledged. He even obtained the White family treasure, Cyro Pearl.

“Who knows where that wretch got such a martial skill!” The Third Elder sat by the table in the room and drank a mouthful of white liquor. He then growled, “I estimate that this young man’s martial level is already at the peak stage of the demi-god level. Together with the second-grade intermediate martial skill, it really was easy for him to be the competition’s champion.”

“It seems like his technique is very powerful, too, and it’s no surprise he won with that martial skill of his!” fumed Lily, her expression darkening as she did. “What infuriates me more is how some of the elders are behaving. Jack’s yet to be the official family master, yet they buttered him and flattered him since he’s the family master inheritor!”

“Well, what can we do?” said Wade with a smirk. “Everybody knows that although Jack is the family master inheritor, Nash won’t live for much longer. In fact, it’ll be a miracle if he lived for another two months! Hence, they naturally think that Jack will soon become the family master. This is why they want to flatter him before that happens.”

“We must kill Jack, though that guy surely won’t leave the White family. We can’t take any actions as long as he stays with the White family.” Lily frowned as she could not think of a way right now.

“Haha… Jack is really talented, but his martial level is still rather bland. He’s not something we should worry about, considering he won’t impede us much!” Wade laughed at this moment and said, “Although his return had disrupted our plans, his martial level is too low, so he won’t bring much effect. The person we need to worry about right now is the First Elder. I feel that I should concentrate on retreating and training. We’d have no need to fear the First Elder once I reached the fighting prowess at the peak stage of the true god-level!”

“Sigh… Seems like that’s the only option we have right now,” Lily sighed, her heart filled with helplessness.

Evening came…

As darkness filled the sky, several branch family masters came to Jack’s living quarters silently with elders of the branch families.

Jack had already prepared good food and wine on the table as he waited for them.

“Oh my…! Young Master Jack, this is too much! You’ve prepared so much food!” The white-hair old man chuckled heartily at the sight.

“Haha… Elaine said that this is the meat of monster beasts, and consuming it benefits the body. I definitely need to eat more today!” There were two tables in the garden. Ben laughed when he saw the meat on the table and his saliva almost dripped from his mouth.

What Jack said next, however, seized him. “You, Selena, and my mother need to eat less. Although this meat is beneficial, your body can’t take it if you eat too much, considering you guys are not martial artists yet and this is your first time eating this. Sure, these monster beasts are low-leveled, but don’t eat too much of it.”

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