No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1081

Elaine nodded to Jack’s reminder and chimed in, “That’s right. You can’t eat too much!”

“Oh, dear… This meat smells so good, but we can’t eat too much of it,” grumbled Ben as he swallowed his saliva.

“Everybody, come and take your seats. There’s no need for any formalities!” Jack smiled and said to the masters of the branch families. “We’re all members of the White family and, by right, makes us one whole family. Everybody must enjoy themselves when we drink later, alright?”

“Yes, yes! Young Master is correct!” Everybody sat down smiling and started drinking.

After a while, Jack turned to Lancelot and said, “By the way, Lancelot, is everything alright within the branch families? Let me know if there’s anything to be done. I’m not very familiar with the situation among the branch families.”

Lancelot opened his mouth as he hesitated to speak openly, and he instinctively glanced at the other branch family masters.

They looked like they wanted to speak but were afraid to do so.

Jack immediately comforted them when he saw their reactions. “Don’t worry, just speak openly. I won’t tell anybody, so you don’t need to worry too much.”

Lancelot was quiet for several seconds before he began, “Young Master, how should I put it? The branch families had always been supporting the main family. Even the monster beast meat that you’re eating comes from the beasts that we’ve hunted in the forest. We sacrifice our lives every month, supplying and sending the meat. Apart from that, we also supply spirited grass. These are the things we supply, and we make sure that we supply those of good quality. We genuinely hope that the main family can grow stronger.”

Lancelot paused here, glanced at the crowd, and added, “Truthfully, this is nothing because the main family has grown strong, and we’re satisfied with the development of the main family.”

“If that’s the case, what do you actually wish to say?” Jack frowned and continued to push on the matter.

Lancelot replied, “Yet… The White family seldom cares about our situation after it grew in these couple of years. Not only did they not spare us some martial enhancement resources, but they even requested for more!”

Chad, the old man with white hair, also nodded. “Yes, we only needed to send in fifty percent of what we got in the beginning, but it gradually increased to sixty or seventy percent in recent years. We didn’t complain about anything, but several months ago, they increased our requirement to eighty percent. If we’re lucky enough to get a hundred spirited grass, we need to give eighty pieces to the main family and can only keep the remaining twenty for ourselves!”

“You had to hand in that much?” Jack’s face darkened when he heard this—that went too far. After all, these people from the branch families risked their lives and went into the forest to find spirited grass and food, yet the main family only allowed them to keep 20 percent of what they obtained. The grievance in their hearts would only deepen if this continued.

Jack thought about it before he solemnly asked, “Does my father know about this?”

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