No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1083

Today, the Third Elder had openly spoken on Lily’s behalf, and coupled with that were the rumors about how close they were as of late. This made him sure that Lily and the Third Elder were working together and were responsible for poisoning his father.

It seemed like that was not all. They must have worked together to embezzle lots of martial enhancement resources.

A few of the branch family masters were rather unnerved when they noted how silent Jack was with a grave expression.

One of the branch family elders immediately shifted the conversation and said, “Young Master Jack, don’t misunderstand us. We’re saying this without resentment, just to get things off of our chests. We feel that the branch families lack martial enhancement resources, nothing more than that!”

Another of the branch family masters said, “Come, let’s drink, Young Master Jack. We never suspected Third Elder and First Madam, especially First Madam. She’s the family master’s wife, so we’re sure that she won’t do something like this!”

Lancelot was also afraid of Jack getting angry and that everything was really the main family’s idea. He quickly held his wine glass up. “Yes, Young Master Jack. We’re only talking about it and we dare not make assumptions. Apart from that, the main family had developed nicely, and we’re finally one of the eight shadow families. We’re happy that the family has grown!”

Jack looked at the crowd before saying. “Don’t be afraid. I invited everyone here so I can hear your concerns and pleas. I’m not sure why they collected that many martial enhancement resources, and I’m also unsure if this is the decision my father and the other elders came to after the meeting. I’ll ask about this on everyone’s behalf.”

Startled, Chad blurted, “No, no, no…! Young Master Jack, if you’re to ask, the Third Elder and First Madam will be downright enraged when they know about this. It won’t matter what’s going on: we’d be killed!”

“That’s right, Young Master Jack,” Lancelot added. “If you asked, and if this truly was the decision everybody made in the meeting, the Third Elder would be unhappy and say that we conspired against him. However, if this was not the decision made by the main family members and somebody was hiding the martial enhancement resources, they’d be just as angry, and we’d still suffer the fate of being killed.”

Jack smiled and raised his wine glass when he saw the frightened expression on the other party’s face. “Come, let’s raise our glasses and finish this drink!”

The group of people glanced at each other anxiously, not knowing what Jack was thinking. They carefully finished the wine in their glasses when they saw how Jack finished his.

Jack placed the glass down and said softly, “Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. I’ll secretly ask my father about this, and I won’t let the Third Elder and First Madam know about it.”
The branch family members relaxed when they heard what Jack said.

“Thank you, Young Master Jack!” Lancelot immediately gestured to Jack with a sincere expression on his face.

“Master Lancelot, how about this: Tomorrow, find a place to gather after all of you leave the main family area. Master Lancelot should come to me alone tomorrow morning. I’ll inform you about the situation, and you can pass the message to the others.”

Jack spoke to the people in the room, convicted and with sincerity, “I’ll ask my father about what you said, and we’ll soon know what really happened. I won’t let the Third Elder and the others know about this plan. We’ll definitely handle the situation if the Third Elder and First Madam embezzled the martial enhancement resources.”


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