No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1084

“Then, Young Master Jack, we thank you for your attentiveness to act. In fact, we just need to complain and express ourselves. We don’t need anything else!” explained an old man, carefully so. “The main reason is because there are no other ways. In fact, we have prodigies among the branch families, talented to boot, but we’re lacking resources. Dare we say that the materials we’ve got are downright scarce, and that resulted in a slow progression of their martial level. Alas, all we could do was look on in worry.”

Lancelot also nodded. “The same applies to our branch family. Those masters are very unconvinced and complain all the time. After all, they can find better treasures and spirited grass if their martial level increases. We could do nothing to help them, only offering words of consolation when they’re doubting.”

The white-haired old man also nodded. “That’s true. I promised my granddaughter before I came over this time that I’ll man up to tell members of the White main family. I didn’t keep my hopes up, though, since I didn’t know who to talk to or who to tell. I’m afraid!”

Having said that, the white-haired old man paused and glanced at Jack before he continued, “I have to thank Young Master Jack for making such a request. We discussed it and decided to tell you our concerns.”

Lancelot raised his wine glass and gave a toast to Jack. Finishing his wine in one go, he spoke, “Young Master Jack, as the White family master inheritor, you’ve honored us by inviting us to dinner. If you find this issue complicated, it’ll be fine if you don’t say anything. Kindly just disregard what we’ve said.”

Jack was very emotional when he heard these words.

There seemed to be a huge status divide between the branch and main families. Otherwise, these men from the branch families would not have been that afraid to express their worries nor would they have said such humble words.

They really wanted to tell Jack about these things as they really hoped that somebody would perform justice for them and take care of them.

However, at the same time, their hearts were filled with fear—afraid of invoking the wrath of their master. They were afraid that the Third Elder and Lily would find out about this and find trouble with the branch families. That would be the end for them.

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Jack smiled and drank the wine in his glass before he continued, “I’ll try my best. Don’t worry, it’ll get better soon. There will be new rules that are beneficial for you people.”

“Thank you, Young Master Jack! Allow me to raise a toast in your honor!” The white-haired old man was intensely moved when he heard Jack’s conviction. There were obviously very few who could understand them who were from the branch families.

Before they came, they hesitated for a long while about telling him everything that happened, afraid that Jack might be upset or even lie to them somehow. They were also worried that Jack would be afraid of the Third Elder and Lily.

It looked like Jack truly was considerate for them.

A thought then occurred to Lancelot as he slowly began, “By the way, Young Master Jack, the Third Elder has a high martial level, and Lily is your father’s first wife. You have to be careful. When I watched today’s game, First Madam didn’t seem to like you very much. Your return and everything that happened had been too sudden. I’m afraid that they won’t accept you so much in their hearts!”

After all, they had seen a lot of people fighting civil wars just for the sake of power.

“Don’t worry, I know. Come, come, let’s drink!” Jack nodded.

The group of people drank for a while before gradually leaving.

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