No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1089

Nash frowned, deep in thought.

It took a long while before he finally replied, “It’s a good idea, Jack, but it’s too dangerous. Once we hand the responsibility over to other elders, it’s as though we know about how Lily and the other have secretly extorted 70 to 80 percent of martial resources from the branch families. If the other elders know about this, we can’t pretend that we are oblivious about it.

Here, Nash paused for a while before continuing, “Once the elders from the main family find out about this, chaos will erupt. We’ll enter a war anyway!”


Jack heaved a sigh. He thought about it before saying, “Then why don’t I secretly convey your opinions to the branch families? I’ll get them to hold out for one or two months. We’ll revert the tithe to 50 percent after you get better. But I do have an idea to give some benefits to the branch families!”

“Oh? Let’s hear it out!”

Nash was delighted after he heard that. He admired Jack’s intelligence and ability to remain calm. He believed that the White family would enter an era of prosperity if Jack truly became the master of the house.

“The masters of the branch families all told me that there are plenty of fighting masters among their members. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough martial resources, so their progress is slow!”

Jack smiled and sat down. “We can get the branch families to pick out two or three young people who they think have potential and let them become members of the main family,” he continued. “They’ll get to enjoy the martial resources used by the main family then. How about that? This way, the branch families will have a bit of hope, and this will soothe their dissent for a while!”

“Not bad. Why didn’t I think about it before?”

Nash’s eyes brightened. “You’ll be responsible for these newcomers then. How about that? They’ll definitely be grateful to you once they grow up, and they’ll be of great help to you. You also know that the highest honor we can have is to achieve the true god status. If you can help some of them attain true god status, they’ll be extremely powerful!”

Jack was speechless. He had just wanted to help the branch families, but Nash had taken it and twisted it into an opportunity for him to rise to the top instead.

However, after he thought about it, he nodded his head anyway. “We’ll announce this during tomorrow’s meeting. Lily and the others won’t have much of a say in it. Besides, the people from the main family have been spending all these years focusing on training. Those masters have truly grown stronger, and they’ve progressed fast, but I think that it’s about time that they go out to find resources and treasures for themselves!”

Here, Jack’s features lit up in excitement. “I believe that they can only grow stronger after experiencing true bloodshed. People from other main families all go out to find the resources themselves, getting into fights with beasts and spirits alike and struggling to stay alive. Meanwhile, if our people have no fighting experience, they’ll have huge targets on their backs even if they train themselves to be of a higher level than that of their opponents!”

Nash was extremely grateful when he heard his son’s words. He cast a solemn look at Jack. “You’re right. We can’t just think about elevating their status. If that’s the case, these fine young disciples from the White family should indeed get some real-world practice!”

Finally, Nash said, “All right, Jack. We’ll go along with your plan. I’ll announce these two decisions at the meeting tomorrow. Please help me handle the branch families! Get them to hold it out for a while longer!”

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