No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1090

“Rest earlier, Father. I’m going back first!”

Jack nodded his head and left.

“Al–alright. My son is truly grown up. And so mature too—much more mature than Lance!”

After Jack left, Nash lay on the bed, gratitude written all over his face.

The next morning, the members of the branch family who had stayed the night began to head back.

Everything seemed normal.

However, no one thought that Hudson, who was talking to the two daughters of the White family in a pavilion, would actually observe Lancelot heading toward Jack’s place.

“Strange. Why is he going to Jack’s place? The rest of the branch family members have already left. Why hasn’t he left? Why has he gone to see Jack instead?”

Hudson frowned as he stared at Lancelot’s back, suspicion carved on his expression.

He had been thoroughly embarrassed yesterday. He had wanted to kill Jack, but he had not been able to lay even a finger on him before he was eliminated.

He had even thought that Jack would be the last contender in the world to become the champion and the heir to the White family.

“Heh. Who knows? He’s probably going to lick Jack’s boots. That guy’s the heir now, after all. Everyone knows that the Master won’t live long after contracting that strange disease. Jack will become the young master then. Plenty of people will be sucking up to him!”

A woman clad in a purple dress spoke in a sour tone, “No way about it though. The branch families are in such lowly positions. Of course, they would want to gain Jack’s favor so that their family will be able to have a better life!”

Hudson bobbed his head. “That’s true. That punk is the heir to the White family now. We shouldn’t provoke him. We’ll put ourselves in a terrible position once he becomes the family head and holds a grudge against us. He’ll definitely take his revenge on us!”

“That’s right. I never thought that a live-in son-in-law like him would rise up the ranks so quickly. What more, I never thought that an outsider would snatch the heir position when you guys or Lance were poised to take it!”

The woman answered with a cold smile. It was evident that she was displeased. “It’s so unfair!”

The corners of Hudson’s lips twitched. “Nothing we can do though. He’s the only son—and the only son of Nash, to boot. Plenty of elders from the White family also follow Nash’s orders very well, and they all serve him without a shred of doubt. If he were not the only son, he would have never become heir. He might not even have had the chance to take part in the competition!”

“I actually admire him. Think about it. He was raised in the mortal realm. Someone like that must have insane innate talent. Who wouldn’t be envious of that!”

The other young woman flashed a small smile. “We just don’t know if he’ll be able to lead us properly once he becomes the master. After all, the White family is huge. Being the master is a difficult position!”

At that moment, Lancelot had already arrived at Jack’s place.

Meanwhile, Jack had risen early. He now sat below a tree in the garden, sipping tea from his cup and waiting for Lancelot.

“Greetings, Young Master Jack! I never thought that you’d be up this early!”


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