No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1091

Lancelot greeted Jack with a fist-to-palm salute as he stepped forward.

“Take a seat!”

Jack gave a wan smile and waited for Lancelot to sit down. “I’ve already talked to my father about your problem,” he said slowly. “We held a meeting to discuss about raising the tithe for the martial resources.”

Jack paused here for a while before continuing, “But we only raised it once, increasing it from 50 percent to 60. And we didn’t raise it anymore after that. That’s why it’s obvious that the Third Elder and the Mistress have conspired to take the martial resources you gave!”

“I never thought that they would take it for themselves!”

Although he had long suspected that this was the case, Lancelot was still shocked after Jack confirmed the fact. At the same time, anger sparked in him.

“Then what does the Master want us to do?”

In the end, Lancelot cast a heavy look at Jack. He was aware that although this corruption was confirmed, it was not going to be easy to solve it.

Furthermore, the master was suffering from a strange disease. It was possible that there were others who wanted his position.

Jack was the current heir, but he was young, and he was not that skilled yet. It would be difficult if the Third Elder wanted to launch a coup now.

Jack returned the look and raised his cup to his lips, taking a tentative sip. “He told you to hold out for a while longer first. Spread the word about this to the other heads of the branch families in secret,” he said. “The situation’s complicated now. I believe that it’ll get better after two or three months!”

After he heard this, disappointment flashed in Lancelot’s eyes.

Still, he quickly tempered himself and forced a smile. “Thank you, Young Master. Thank goodness that Master knows about who the ones working behind his back are,” he said. “He’s not in the best condition right now, and the Mistress is the first daughter of the Lagorio family. This is definitely complicated!”

He never thought that Jack would smile at this moment. “However, after discussing a little further with my father, we agreed that every branch family as well as affiliated families are able to choose two or three of their master youths every month to join the training in the main family. They’ll receive the same treatment as the disciples in the main family do!”


Lancelot’s eyes immediately brightened when he heard this. “Young Master, are you serious?”

“Yes. My father will hold a meeting later. Besides, he’ll allow me to take charge of these youths!”

Jack smiled. “Of course, there’s something else too. The people from the main family will be tasked with finding food and martial resources in the forest from now on. Firstly, to train them. Secondly, to ensure that they know how to work for things!”

“This is fantastic. Thank you, Young Master!”

Lancelot was absolutely elated. He shot to his feet before falling onto one knee, clasping his hands together in gratitude.

After all, the members of the branch families would definitely benefit from these two initiatives.

Not every member of the branch family would be able to savor the reward, but at least the masters would have the chance to take more martial resources—they would have the chance to become true fighters.

At least they had hope now.

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