No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1093

The middle-aged man from before smiled bittered, and asked somewhat helplessly.

Lancelot turned to the crowd and uttered, “Master White has said it clearly, that he will handle the matter, but not now. Please be patient and give him another two to three months!”

“Another two to three months? How much longer do we have to put up with this? If he can’t handle it right now, what makes him able to do it in two or three months? And I think his body would have turned cold and stiff after two months—he’ll be dead then! By that time, he can finally ‘rest’ and not care about anything!”

The middle-aged man had a stomach full of rage and frustration. He barked sarcastically. “We’ve put up with it for so long, how much longer shall we continue enduring the bullsh*t! See, what I’ve been saying? Even if Master White knew about the matter, he certainly can’t do anything! How unreliable!”

“Mason, you can’t shove all the blame onto Nash. He certainly did not want any of these to happen. After all, the devils are the Third Elder and Lily. Master White has to find absolute proof and evidence before he can do anything!”

Although Chad was disappointed at how the matter was handled, he still took Nash’s side and comforted Mason.

Lancelot chimed in with a supportive voice, “Guys, stay calm. We know very well ourselves that this matter would be very hard to handle. But we’ve gotten some good news as well. Jack discussed with Master White about this matter and has come out with some good mitigation plans for us. I think Jack and his father are now in a meeting to further discuss the new policies, and soon it’ll be implemented!”

“New policy? What other policy can there be?”

Mason’s mood instantly lifted, and the heavy boulder was finally removed from his heart upon hearing Lancelot’s announcement.

“The new policy is that, these branch families of ours, as well as the forces that are collaborating with the White family, can pick two or three outstanding young martial artists and send them to the main White family every month. They will train there and enjoy the same training resources and facilities as the main White family members!”

“Furthermore, the person in charge of these new policies is no other than Jack!”

Lancelot smiled faintly and articulated clearly to the heads of the White branch family.

“Is that for real? This is good news! With this new policy, the young and talented ones of our branch family can have better resources and facilities to improve their martial art status! At least, in such a way, the talents of those masters will not be buried!”

Chad could barely conceal his delight as he heard the news, his face immediately lit up and his spirits lightened.

“Oh ya, there’s one more thing. Jack has said that in the future, he will request the members from the main White family to go into the woods and forest to look for resources and materials too!”

Lancelot chuckled brightly, “This way, the people of the branch families can finally hold their heads high during the material foraging in the forest; because they have always been looked down by the other families and dare not fight back. Hence, with some people from the main White family, the situation would improve; we can look out for each other!”

“That’s wonderful! Looks like the people of the main White family have finally started to pay attention to people of White branch families!”

Mason was flabbergasted with joy that his face lit up in an instant as he heard the plan. “Finally, there’s good news for me to bring back to my people, and for once our young masters can feel cherished and treasured. I can talk to them in peace now!”

“All these new plans and benefits are what Young Master Jack has done for us; none has thought of these plans before!”

Lancelot’s mood lightened as well. “Now, I do sincerely hope that Young Master Jack could improve his martial art status and combat prowess, so that he could put an end to those two satanic scourges. If he becomes the head of the family, it’ll be good for the family branches too!”

“That’s so true! Young Master Jack has thought of us and tried to help us in every way even when he has yet to establish his own path in the White family. If there’s anything in the future, I’ll definitely take his side!”

Chad announced aloud, full of conviction.

Mason patted his chest and echoed loudly with confidence, “That’s right! Starting from today, my life belongs to Young Master Jack! Whenever he needs any help, I’ll be the first one to offer no matter what!”

“Alright, guys. One more thing, please keep this matter a secret. You may inform your people about the new plans, but don’t spread it! As for the corruption behaviors of the Third Elder and Lily, please keep quiet about it. You may tell a few important and trustable elders of your branch, but don’t say any words to others! Let’s just endure the current situation for a little more. I believe Young Master Jack will fight for us!”

Lancelot wheeled his head toward the direction of the residence of the main White family, gazing afar with deep thoughts. He then left with the crowd.

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