No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1099

“That’s huge! No way. I can’t break that. It scares me just by looking at it!”

Selena looked at the rock in her palm and spoke in a panicked tone. She felt that she was already unable to break a rock the size of a fist—what more one of a basketball size.

“You won’t know if you don’t try.”

Yet Ben rolled his eyes at her. “I thought that I couldn’t break it either. But I did,” he said. “Give it a try, Sis. Don’t you realize that the rock isn’t as heavy as you thought it was while you’re carrying it? That’s because your strength is no longer an ordinary person’s strength. You have the body of a martial artist now!”

Here, Ben paused for a while before continuing, “Sis, do you know that a person who is truly strong is the one who doesn’t flinch before a tiger, and even thinks of a tiger as an ant!”

When Elaine heard this, she could not help but chortle. “I just told you all that a while ago. You sure pick up fast!”


Ben rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ve always been a believer of life-long learning.”

“Give it a try, Dear. You’re his sister—you have the same mother. If he can do it, you can’t lose to him as his older sister! Besides, your body is strong now. It won’t be too much even if you punch the rock. You’re different from before, alright?”

Jack spoke from the side, grinning.

“All right. I’ll give it a shot!”

Selena cradled the rock in one arm and clenched her other hand into a fist, smashing it straight into the rock.

All remained silent after the enormous bang, and the rock in Selena’s hand shattered into pieces and fell onto the ground.

“My God. No way. You’re amazing, Sis!”

Ben exclaimed when he saw this.

“Did you see that, Jack? Did you see that? I did it! And it was so easy. My hand doesn’t even hurt!”

Selena jumped excitedly after she saw this. “This is amazing. Seems like I’m a second-grade martial artist like my brother now. I’m just as talented as he is. We’re practically masters!”

“I think your strength is more than that of a second-grade martial artist, Sis!”

Elaine simply stared at her and managed a bitter smile. “Ben placed the rock on a bench and used all his strength to shatter it. You were holding it in one arm, but you broke it anyway. This strength is probably that of a third-grade martial artist!”


Selena’s eyes widened. “So you’re telling me that Ben didn’t break the rock that way?”

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry. “You’re a true master, my dear. You’re definitely a third-grade martial artist. You’re pretty strong already!”

“That’s right. With talent like yours, you can have the fighting skills of a major with a bit of practice. Furthermore, I guarantee that you can even become a grandmaster in a month’s time so long as you put in the effort!”

Jack said with a grin after he thought about it.

“No way. I’m that strong?”

Selena was extremely excited. She never thought that she would actually be stronger than her brother, who already possessed immense talent.

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