No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1100

“Selena, do you see that rock over there? The one on the ground, a little larger than a basketball. Go over and hit it, if you’re still in disbelief. If it breaks, it means that you definitely have the strength of a third-grade martial artist!”

Jack scanned his surroundings before he singled out a nearby rock. He spoke to Selena.

“Really? Let me try!”

Selena took his words in and grinned. She walked over and punched the rock.

A crack resounded through the air, and that enormous rock split opened and shattered into pieces.

“This is amazing. Sis, your talent is making me jealous!”

As Ben watched, his initial excitement abruptly subsided; he felt as though his ego had suffered a serious blow. He had wanted to show off just now, but now he no longer had the chance to.

“I can’t help it. I’m your older sister, after all!”

Selena’s face was lit up with an infectious grin. Then she thought about something and added, “Kylie would be so happy if she could see me right now. She would be happy to see her strong mother!”

After she said that, her brows creased together and she turned toward Jack. “We haven’t seen Kylie for a few days already, Dear,” she said. “I miss her!”

Jack quickly raked his eyes over his surroundings. “We’d better not mention Kylie under these conditions. Understand?” he replied. “Lily and the Third Elder are definitely up to no good. It’ll be troublesome if they use Kylie against us. After all, people like them would resort to all sorts of tactics!”

After Selena heard this, she took a sharp intake of breath. “Ah, why do they have to be so powerful? When can we get rid of them?” she said, worried. “If only they could disappear. Otherwise, we can’t even get a good night’s rest!”

“Don’t worry, Dear. I’ll do my best!”

Jack offered a reassuring smile. “I’ll be out collecting some chi congregation pills tomorrow. You and Ben better stay here and practice,” he said. “Lana, Ethan, and I plan to sneak out. We have to go and find the herbs to cure my father. After we get the herbs to create the antidote, the Third Elder and Lily will be in big trouble!”

“No way. If Lily knows you’re going out, she’ll send people to kill you!”

Elaine said, panicking, “I think you should stay back and practice to get better first. It’d be better that way! With your talent, Young Master Jack, you’ll be able to achieve the middle stage of true god status very soon.”

She never thought that Jack would reply in such an offhand manner, “Don’t worry. I believe in my own abilities. Besides, the Third Elder and the others don’t know how strong I am—they probably have no idea that I’ve already achieved the true god status. So they won’t send strong people to kill me anyway! Furthermore, I realized that our fighting skills are slightly stronger than the White family’s fighting style from the last competition. I’ll definitely be able to hold my ground!”

“Really? So you won’t be afraid even if you run into the Third Elder?”

Elaine’s eyes brightened after she heard this. She asked in an eager tone.

Jack nodded his head. “I’ve never traded blows with him, but he won’t have an easy time killing me. Furthermore, one’s strength and fighting skills increase exponentially by transforming into a dragon!”

After he said that, Jack thought of something else. “Selena, they just gave you that untitled fighting scroll because they so happened to have it,” he said to Selena. “After studying it, I realized that it’s a difficult style to master, and it’s very strong too. You’ll be extremely fast after you practice according to it. Besides, it has fantastic potential to enable you to practice till you achieve true god status!”

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