No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1105

Yolanda heaved an internal sigh, but she had no choice but to nod her head and agree to it.

However, she did not expect her partner to quickly flash another smile at the First Madam, “Shouldn’t you give us some spirited grass, First Madam? After all, we can’t carry out such a big assignment for nothing. If we advance to the intermediate stage of the true god realm, we’ll be able to carry out your orders even better!”

“You’re really honey-tongued, aren’t you!”

Lily rolled her eyes and took out two stalks of first-grade premium spirit grass. “I’ll give you both one stalk each,” she said. “Come find me here once you’re done and I’ll have more waiting for you!”

“Thank you, First Madam!”

The two immediately did fist-to-palm salutes after they took the spirit grass.

Soon enough, the two exited Lily’s residence.

“It’s true that Jack has good talent, Yolanda, and that it would be a shame if he died!”

After they walked some distance away, the man spoke to Yolanda, “But why think too much into it? The First Madam is the mistress of the house, and she’s the first daughter of the Lagorio family. If we don’t help her, who will? I also think that she can be a little too petty, but there’s no way about it. It’s the way of the world. Jack is just unlucky!”


Yolanda released a sigh and managed an awkward smile.

At night, just as the sky settled into a deep, dark blue, Jack, Lana and Ethan left the estate.

The next morning, the two people that Lily had commanded, went to take the new shift. They talked with the others who were changing shifts, and they knew about this.

The two took in sharp intakes of breath. One of them went straight to see Lily.

Lily had initially thought that Jack would be killed very soon. She had been so excited that she could not sleep the whole night, and she had woken up very early this morning.

Now, she, Yolanda, and the young man from the Lagorio family were waiting for Jack in the garden.

“They’re back. So fast. Jack must have made his appearance!”

Lily’s face broke into a smile when she saw that the guards at the foot of the mountain ran up. Anticipation pounded in her chest.

Yet the man’s expression seemed grim when he ran over. “First Madam, you told us to keep watch on Jack and inform you immediately when he leaves the main house. But it seems like we won’t get the chance anymore!”


The smile on Lily’s face hardened. She asked him immediately.

“We talked to the people who were changing shifts and found out that Jack had gone off last night. They left just as it turned dark!”

The young guard gave a bitter smile. “When I asked further, it turned out that Jack was not the only one who left,” he continued. “There was another woman and that man called Ethan who left with him. There are three of them!”

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