No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1106

After she heard all that, the corners of Lily’s mouth twitched violently.

She waved her hand after a while. “All right. Understood. Go back to your post first!”

“Yes, First Madam!”

The young man did a fist-to-palm salute before wheeling around and descending the mountain.

“What should we do now, First Madam? He has already left last night. We can’t kill him now!”

The young man from the Lagorio family twisted his lips into a bitter smile. “We can’t return the spirit grass you gave us yesterday,” he reminded her. “That’s a down payment!”

Yolanda was delighted as well. It seemed that she would not have to get her hands dirty now.

After all, she had always thought that Nash had treated them nicely. She had some reservations about killing his son.

Yet she never thought that Lily would cast a wicked grin instead. “Why’s that brat in such a hurry to leave, that he would take off a day earlier?” she said. “He must be afraid that I will send someone after him. That’s why he left earlier!”

Here, Lily paused before continuing, “But I know where he’s heading for. So he can’t escape!”

“Do you know where he’s heading, First Madam?”

The Lagorio man was surprised. “Seems like we’ll have to do our jobs anyway then!” he said, a bitter smile on his face.

“That brat is heading off for the branch families, as well as families that are bound to the White family… That’s why it’s time for you to go off!”

Lily flashed a mirthless smile and spoke as she looked at the two.

Yolanda and the young man’s expressions darkened. However, they nodded their heads in agreement in the end.

Soon enough, Yolanda and Dean went down the mountain and followed the path toward the branch families.

“Sh*t. It’s so hard. There are so many branch families. Are we really going to ask each and every one of them to find Jack? How are we going to do it?”

Dean’s expressions were fogged by a dark cloud. “I had thought we would receive plenty of benefits. Seems that these benefits won’t be easily obtained!”

“Of course. It’s not easy to obtain!”

Yolanda had a hapless expression. “Let’s go. He left just the night before. We’re both of the true god status and we’ve been flying a lot longer than him. He can’t fly for long before he has to resort to walking. Those of the demi-god status don’t have strong chi within them, so they can’t overuse it, just in case they run into trouble. That’s why we should be able to catch up to him if we fly more than we walk!”

“You’re right. It’s a long way off to the branch families. We’ll catch him near a branch family so long as we speed up!”

Dean’s eyes brightened when he heard that. “Yolanda, plenty of women are only good for their looks, not their brains,” he praised her, “but you’re an exception!”

Yolanda was speechless inside. She regretted her words now, honestly. She had no intention to kill Jack, but she made that proposal without thinking twice.

If only she had kept her mouth shut. They could just talk as they walked slowly, and it would be difficult to catch up to Jack then.

“Let’s go and catch up to them!”

Yolanda rolled her eyes at Dean. The two flew toward the direction of the branch families.

Yet Jack and the others had long arrived at the outskirts of a small city.

“Where are we heading now, Master?”

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