No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1112

“Brat, I’ll let you win this time!”

Wilton was smoking with anger inside, but he could not do anything. He had never imagined that he, as a young master of a second-class family, could not do anything about the current situation—his fiancée was with another man and he could not even teach the brat a lesson. Even worse, he was threatened by the man!

With his teeth gritted firmly and his fist balled tightly, he took his men and left the scene. He knew that if he continued to stay on, it would only bring him more trouble.

After the other party left, the boulder in Shirley’s heart was finally lifted. She heaved a huge sigh of relief and said, “I bet he wouldn’t come pestering me again! Thank you so much!”

Jack had already loosened his arm around Shirley’s waist. He smiled at the other party and uttered, “Miss Lancaster, I’ve done you a great favor this time. But looking at Wilton’s expression just now, I bet he will be holding a grudge against me. Well. It doesn’t matter, I’m not afraid anyway!”

Jack halted for a few seconds then continued, “But, I’ve helped you. Now how should you thank me?”


Shirley initially thought that Jack was a kind-hearted man. She did not expect Jack to ask her to return the favor. She could feel the anger building within her.

She studied Jack and suddenly thought of something. “You’re such a pervert! You want to bring me to a hotel, don’t you? I’m telling you; the episode just now was a ploy, I couldn’t think of anything better. If you really want me to give my body to you, dream on! I’m not that kind of woman!” Shirley huffed, staring at Jack fiercely.

“Heh? Not that kind of woman? Then why did you pretend to be my girlfriend?”

The corners of Jack’s mouth curved upward, and he teased the woman with a playful tone. The girl before him looked a few years younger than him, and her outfit and her appearance exuded a youthful aura, with a hint of daintiness.

Furthermore, her body was well-maintained, otherwise, the filthy rich Young Master Norton would not be pestering her all the while.

Jack was even more convinced that if Shirley was not a good-looking woman or with an ordinary face, Young Master Norton would have broken the marriage agreement long ago.

“Girl…girlfriend? I…I… That was a ploy! Got it?”

Shirley rolled her eyes at Jack and added, “Besides, you broke my expensive heels! My heels are now scrapped; they cost me twenty to thirty thousand dollars! But since you’ve done me a huge favor, I’ll not ask for compensation. It’s even now!”

Jack laughed wholeheartedly at Shirley’s reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in you or your body at all. You’re not as good-looking as my wife and your figure is not as attractive as my bodyguard over here, right?”

When Lana heard the reference, her heart was pleased. She had always been confident of her body and now her self-confidence grew even more.

Although she knew that her body was attractive and well-maintained that it was almost impossible to say a negative comment about it, when she heard it from Jack, the feeling was completely different.

Shirley’s anger had not subsided since the conversation started. She peeped at Lana who stood beside Jack and realized that Jack was right, this woman’s figure was indeed very alluring.

However, she snorted coldly, “Indeed, her body is well-maintained and alluring. As for your compliment about your wife’s good-looking features, I do not know. After all, I’ve not seen her before. So, lying is not a good thing, understand?”

“I’m too lazy to continue this argument with you. Anyway, I need a small favor from you. Help me out if you’re willing to, if not, just forget it!”

Jack shrugged his shoulders and asked, “I want to know which are some of the famous apothecaries here? Preferably those with a lot and complete medicinal materials!”

“This is the favor you ask?”

Shirley was slightly tongue-tied at Jack’s favor. He only wanted to inquire about apothecaries in the Soul City. Such a simple favor!

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