No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1113

Jack was speechless as well. He laughed bitterly to break the awkward atmosphere. “Young lady, do you really think that I would want you to repay me with your body? Although you’re good-looking like I’ve said, I’m not interested in you, so don’t make a fool out of yourself!”

“What? make a fool of myself? Keep dreaming on! I was so uncomfortable when you wrapped your arm around my waist just now!”

Rage churned inside Shirley as she spoke. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in the Soul City and there were always many men who were head over heels for her! She truly did not expect that this brat was not interested in her, moreover, he had said that into her face twice! That was like a blow to her self-esteem!

After saying that sentence, she looked at Jack and thought of the incident a moment ago—Jack offended Young Master Norton to help her. So she softened her tone and said, “Well. It happened that I’m very familiar with what you’ve asked! How about this, you and I go over to that shop and you buy me a pair of shoes as compensation for my broken heels, and then I’ll take you around to various famous apothecaries. Sounds good?”

Jack’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard her plan. “Hehe, that would be perfect! After all, we’re not familiar with this place!”

“But, I have one more request. I have no shoes on now, and I don’t think you want a dainty lady to walk to the mall across the airport barefooted, right? So you have to carry me over there. This way, you can also show your sincerity in…”

Shirley suggested with an evil grin plastered on her face.


Jack’s face turned unsightly at the request.

A few horizontal lines formed between Shirley’s brows as she saw the unwillingness on Jack’s face. “What’s wrong? I’m considered a good-looking woman with a dainty aura! There’re so many men out there waiting for an opportunity like this! You only have to carry me to the mall, why did you put on such a reluctant look!” She said in an exasperated tone.

“Do you know who he is? How dare you let him carry you? Are you not afraid of death?”

Lana—who witnessed the whole exchange—could not bear to see it continue anymore. Jack was the Supreme Warrior; how could she ask Jack to carry her? Ridiculous!

In her point of view, because of Jack’s good-looking features, Shirley must have fallen in love with him at first sight, only then she requested ridiculously to approach Jack. Perhaps, this woman did not even know where the famous apothecaries were!

Nevertheless, Jack quickly shot Lana a glance, signaling her to shut her mouth. Apparently, Jack was afraid that she would accidentally expose his identity as the Supreme Warrior.

“Who is he then? Isn’t he Jack White? I don’t believe that I’ll die just because he carried me on his back!”

“Let’s move!”

Jack squatted down with a helpless look.

Shirley smugged and jumped onto Jack’s back, and said to Lana, “You, help me to carry my suitcase. It’s a simple task and it’s what a bodyguard should do, right? And you can’t let your Young Master carry me at the same time to carry the suitcase, right?”

Jack carried Shirley on his back and strode toward the direction of the huge shopping mall across the stress. Lana followed closely behind them with an exasperated face. She balled his fists tightly and punched Shirley a few times, but only in her imagination.

“Let me do it, Lana. Carrying a suitcase should be a man’s responsibility!”

Looking at Lana’s hot and boiling face, Ethan immediately went over and pulled the suitcase. “By the way, Lana, don’t tell me you…you like our Master?” Ethan whispered softly.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Lana shot him a deadly stare. It was so frightening that Ethan could feel chills travel along his spine.

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