No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1114

Soon, Jack arrived at the mall outside of the airport with Shirley on his back.

Shirley’s face was crimson red as she was on Jack’s back. The manly aura that Jack emitted caused her to be extremely nervous. She had no idea that this guy, who made her angry, would give her such feelings.

“Hey, am I heavy?” Shirley thought about it and purposely asked to lighten the mood.

“You’re alright!” Jack dismissed perfunctorily in a few words. He carried Shirley into a shoe shop he saw in front. “Oh yes, are you sure that you want to buy two pairs of shoes?”

“Of course! You’ve broken my shoes. Don’t you know about double compensation?” Shirley pursued her delicate mouth and said arrogantly.

“Alright. Double! Double!” Jack smiled bitterly.

“Oh, my, cousin! Are you in a relationship?” As they finished speaking, a young girl who was trying on shoes in the shop immediately ran over when she saw Shirley. The girl opened her eyes widely and her eyeballs almost popped out of her sockets as she was very surprised.

“Let…let me down now!” Shirley’s face was blushed in crimson color and she wanted to hide underground. She was absolutely speechless. All she wanted was to bully Jack, she had no idea that her younger cousin’s sister would spot them.

Jack also did not expect to meet someone familiar so he immediately placed Shirley down.

“Cousin, this is your boyfriend? You have very good taste, he’s really handsome. I’m envious!” The young girl looked at Jack from head to toe as she walked over and said happily.

“What are you talking about? He’s not my boyfriend!” Shirley rolled her eyes at the pretty girl in front of her before saying. “Willow, so nice to meet you here. I have no idea that I will bump into you right after I got off the plane!”

“Yes, cousin. What a nice coincidence. If it wasn’t for this coincidence, I would not have seen this sweet interaction between you and your boyfriend!” Willow said with a smile. “Don’t bother to deny it. Haha… If this is not your boyfriend, why are you on his back? Cousin, there’s nothing to be shy about. Don’t worry, I will keep this a secret from you. Uncle and the others won’t know about this!”

Willow said happily. She soon thought about something and added. “Oh right, there’s still Wilton. He can’t know about this too.”

“This guy broke my shoes so I…I asked him to carry me and pay me back. If you don’t believe in me, you can ask him!” Shirley glanced at Jack and he actually started smoking the cigarette he took out. She was slightly speechless as he did not stand forward to help explain.

Previously she did this to make Wilton angry. It was troublesome if Willow misunderstood her for this and people learned about it. How would she explain to her father and the others?

“She’s right. Don’t misunderstand us, I’m only repaying her shoes!” Jack smiled and said to Willow.

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