No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1115

Willow’s eyes lit up when she heard what Jack said. She walked forward and looked at Jack with her bright eyes. “Hey, are you still single when you’re so handsome? Since you’re not my cousin’s boyfriend, how about being my boyfriend? Although I’m not as pretty as my cousin, I don’t look bad too. Apart from that, I’m still young and I have not grown to my full potential yet. I’m sure that I will be even prettier in another two years. What do you think?”

The corners of Jack’s mouth slightly twitched. He had never imagined that a young girl who was around 18 years old would confess her feelings to him. Apart from that, this was the first time they met each other. Were girls nowadays so proactive?

“Kid, stop messing around. I’m not from Soul City and I’m only here to run some errands. It so happens that I need your cousin’s help for somethings!” Jack smiled helplessly and said to Willow.

Willow pursed her lips unhappily and said. “This is so boring. I’m so pretty but I’m being turned down. You’re really insensible!”

“You better choose your shoes quickly!” Shirley could not help but laughed when she saw how Willow was turned down. She turned around and started looking for her shoes.

She spoke to Jack after she chose two pairs of shoes. “Hey Jack, these two pairs of my shoes are not cheap. They cost tens of thousands. You have the money right?”

“How much is everything, including hers? I’ll pay by card!” Jack smiled as he glanced at Willow, who was beside them. He directly handed his bank card to the salesperson.

“Alright, sir!” The salesperson was extremely happy and went over to settle the sales. It seemed like she had met with a rich person today.

“Oh wow, handsome! You’re really generous. I really like men who are generous like you. Hey, you really don’t want to consider being in a relationship with young girls like me? I might be able to let you experience something different?” Willow said happily when she saw that Jack had also paid for her shoes.

“Willow, I have no idea that you had started thinking about such things although you’re so young! After all, I’ve never seen you being so proactive in the past!” Shirley could not help and started laughing when she saw how Willow acted.

“What do you know? It’s seldom that I meet such a handsome guy. Apart from that, I can see a different aura on him. He’s different from others but I can’t describe it. I feel that he’s like a king when he stands there!” Willow rolled her eyes at Shirley and said.

“Psst psst! You are giving him such high appraisals!” Shirley smiled bitterly before she continued to speak. “Come on, we need to go. I’ll lead you guys to the pharmacy to take a look!”

“Oh my, you guys are here to buy medication? Is somebody gravely ill?” Willow immediately said when she heard their conversation. “One of my classmates has a grandfather who’s an experienced traditional doctor and his medical skills are quite good. Do you guys want me to bring you to meet him? Ask the old man to take a look at you?”

“Haha… There’s no need for that as we know how to treat the patient. We are just short of several herbs and it’s difficult to obtain these herbs so we came here to take a look!” Jack laughed and said.

Soon, the group of people left.

However, several cars quickly drove over and stopped by the side of the road.

“Shirley, when did you come over here? Luckily we spotted you or it’s really difficult to find you!” Master Lancaster walked over with his bodyguards, butler, and a young man when he saw Shirley. He then spoke with a cold expression on his face. “Young Master Norton said that you have a boyfriend?”

He glanced at Jack after he spoke and continued to speak as his face darkened. “Is this guy the boyfriend that Young Master Norton mentioned?”

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