No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1117

Shirley was stumped when she heard that Wilton was going to fight against her parents, reeling two steps back in her shock.

“Come on, Sister, let’s go back. You should rest well today and get mentally prepared so that you can get married in two days,” uttered Hendrix, a wan smile on his face as he did. “You won’t just let a seven-star King of War annihilate the entire Lancaster family, will you?”

“I never thought that Wilton would be such a bastard that he’d go through such lengths to make me marry him.” Shirley smiled coldly and looked at Xavien in front of her and growled, “It’s all your fault! I’ve told you that it’s best if you reduce your collaboration with the Norton family and to not make the projects so huge. What did you do? You never listen to me and insist on making the projects huge! Haha…! You did that just to make more money. Do you see what’s happening now? You’ve just ruined your daughter’s happiness for the rest of her life!”

“Sigh… I know I’m the one at fault here, my daughter, and I should’ve listened to you from the start, but I’m left without a choice. I know that you’re an obedient child. You won’t just stand by and look as the Lancaster family gets wiped out, right?” Xavien was obviously helpless and looked at Shirley pleadingly.

Jack thought about it and asked, “Are you sure that the seven-star King of War would do something so bad on that person’s behalf?”

“Of course. This King of War is really close to Wilton. Many people asked for his help to get rid of their competition. He would do it as long as people pay him enough money!”

“You people should quickly leave Soul City,” said Shirley. “The Norton family has many masters, and you guys are going to be dead the next time they see you, considering how you offended them today. They might be sending people looking for you guys now!”

“No way. I won’t go back until I have all the herbs I need.” Jack smiled calmly and placed his hands behind his back. He still looked so indifferent.

To him, what happened was like listening to a story. It was as if the seven-star King of War and the Norton family meant nothing, barely a threat to him.

“Father, you guys should go back. I’ve promised Jack that I’d bring them to the pharmacy to take a look, and I have to see that through at least.” Shirley smiled bitterly and pulled her luggage over. “Help me bring my luggage back. Don’t worry, I won’t run away. I’ll do it for the Lancaster family.”

“Alright.” Xavien nodded and soon left with his people.

“Miss Shirley, you really plan on sacrificing yourself for the Lancaster family?” Lana walked forward and asked when she saw how Shirley’s eyes were filled with despair.

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