No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1118

Shirley offered a weak smile. “What else can I do? I never thought I’d make Wilton act like this when my original plan was to make him give up. I don’t have other ways to resolve this, now that he’s using such ways to threaten me.”

She smiled bitterly and muttered, “Nevermind—I shouldn’t think so much about it. He might treat me well once we’re married.”

Although she comforted herself with these thoughts, Shirley knew all too well Wilton was a playboy. How would she enjoy her days after they got married?

“Is it happening in two days? We might be able to help you, so don’t be disheartened,” Jack came forward and spoke indifferently.

“You?” Shirley was stunned. She then shook her head with a bitter smile on her face. “How can you guys help me? The bodyguards Young Master Norton took with him today are just regular ones, but they have several masters in their family. Apart from that, he’s acquaintances with that seven-star King of War, and that’s daunting. Simply put, his family isn’t some power we can offend. Do you understand?”

“You only need to remember that I’ll help you since I said so.” Jack was too lazy to explain things to her, so he said, “Let’s go! Which pharmacy shall we go first?”

“Hehe! I want to go with you guys, Cousin!” Willow giggled. “It’s nice to follow a handsome guy and ogle him—it’s good for the eyes!”

“Don’t you need to study? Why do you want to follow us?” Shirley rolled her eyes at Willow, annoyed. Since when did this girl become someone who would drool over men?

“Cousin, it’s Saturday, and I’m resting. I’m also resting tomorrow. Don’t you know that?” Willow also rolled her eyes at Shirley. “Apart from that, I’m a senior and I’m almost graduating. There aren’t many classes recently, so it doesn’t matter if I go or not.”

With Shirley leading the way, the group arrived at a large pharmacy.

Not wasting time, Jack entered and asked an old man, “Boss, do you guys have a hundred-year-old Sinomenium?”

“A hundred-year-old Sinomenium? Haha! Are you joking with me, young man? How would I have something like that here? I have some that are ten years old, and I also have ginseng, wolfberries, and angelicas that are a hundred years old. Do you need these?” The old man laughed. “I don’t think that the item you mentioned exists. A hundred-year-old Sinomenium would be a treasure among treasures. You won’t be able to buy it without tens of millions!”

Jack’s face darkened when he heard this; finding the Sinomenium was a difficult task after all.

Such an item truly was a rare treasure.

Thinking some more, Jack then asked, “How about the Snow Lotus? Old Sir, do you have any here?”

“There’s one,” blurted the old man.

Pleased with that, Jack excitedly asked, “How much is it? Name your price, and I’ll give it.”

However, the old man smiled bitterly. “Sir, I haven’t finished speaking yet. I do have one, but a woman had just bought it. Yes, it was purchased by the Zimmer family’s maid, so you’re a little too late, and there’s nothing I can do. I can’t sell it to you no matter how much money you can give me.”

Jack was extremely disappointed when he heard this.

However, he thought about it and immediately asked. “Oh, right, how long has the maid left?”

“She just left a couple of minutes ago,” replied the old man.

“Really? Come on, let’s go to the Zimmer family now!”

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