No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1122

“Yes, yes, yes… Everybody, please go in… Please go in!” Several of the Zimmer family’s elders offered genial smiles to Jack and his company, no longer arrogant and disdainful like they were moments ago.

They looked at Jack fearfully.

Such a master could kill everyone in the residence had he wanted to, after all.

“Alright.” Jack nodded and followed them inside.

Soon, everybody was seated in the living room.

Not one to beat around the bush, Jack instantly began, “Master Zimmer, I’m Jack White, and I’m here because I heard you’ve just purchased a Snow Lotus. It so happened that my father is gravely ill, and he needs this herb, so I’m here today with hopes that Master Zimmer will give this herb to me.”

“Well…” Master Zimmer looked awkward. He glanced at the old madam, who laid on the sofa, and said, “Jack, my mother has been sick for several years, and finally a miracle doctor is here to help cure her. I need this Snow Lotus badly, and the doctor even said that if my mother isn’t cured, she won’t live past this year.”

Meanwhile, The King of War kept staring at Lana and Ethan. The two looked awfully familiar, but he could not put his finger on it.

Jack walked toward the table and picked up the Snow Lotus before speaking with a smile on his face. “Don’t worry. Since I’ve taken something that belonged to you, I’ll definitely help cure Old Madam’s sickness. After all, it won’t settle with me if she passes because I took the Snow Lotus.”

Jack flipped his hand and put the Snow Lotus away. He then asked the Zimmers to bring him a pen and paper.

He wrote a prescription on the paper and passed it to Master Zimmer. “This prescription will cure Old Madam’s sickness. This prescription uses normal herbs, and you can get them from any normal pharmacies. There’s no need for you to use something like the Snow Lotus.”

“Really? Thank you so much for this!” Master Zimmer had no idea if this prescription would work, but he could not do anything as Jack insisted on taking the Snow Lotus away. After all, he was a powerful individual that the Zimmers could not fight against.

“We’ll be taking our leave now.” Jack smiled and left with Shirley, Willow, and the others.

Master Zimmer’s face immediately darkened after Jack and the others left. He held his hands into tight fists. “This is too much! Is this prescription better than yours? If this doesn’t work, my mother will… It’s not so easy to find something like the Snow Lotus!”

At that moment, the King of War—a miracle-worker himself—took the prescription and read it. A surprised look flashed through his eyes. “Amazing…! Truly amazing! I had no idea that such a way exists! This prescription will definitely work! Why didn’t I think of this? Not only is this effective, but there are fewer side effects compared to my prescription!”

“Is that true, Sir? Is that young man’s prescription really useful?” Master Zimmer immediately asked in excitement.

“Yes! Ask your people to get the herbs based on this prescription. I think that Old Madam’s illness will be completely cured after drinking the medication twice!” The King of War nodded and looked toward the entrance.

“How strange… That man and woman look so familiar. I must’ve seen them somewhere.”

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