No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1124

“Alright, Miss Shirley, thank you for today. Don’t worry, I’ll go to you the day after tomorrow. You don’t need to worry about the Norton family—I will destroy them if they dare force you to marry him,” spoke Jack with an indifferent smile after they exited the Zimmer family mansion.

“Do remember this promise. Anyway, I’ll take you for your word, and if you don’t show up, I’ll hate you for the rest of my life.” Shirley rolled her eyes at Jack and looked at the time before saying, “Why don’t I treat you to dinner? It’s quite late now. After all, this is the first time you guys are here in Soul City, and I don’t think any of you know which restaurants taste better. I can also take this chance to be a good host.”

“Haha… Sure! Since Miss Shirley is being so generous, we’ll just follow you!” Jack laughed and agreed to it.

The group of people soon found a hotel. Shirley and Willow left after dinner.

The next morning, Jack arrived at the entrance of the Sky City Auction House with Lana and Ethan.

This was a huge auction house located in the city center of Soul City.

Jack and the others were stopped when they were about to enter. “Sir, we’ll need to verify your assets if you’d like to join our auction. The assets in your card need to be more than one billion to enter.”

Jack was led to the side for his assets to be verified before they could enter the auction house.

The auction was centered around herbs, hence the people who attended were successful businessmen who did herb business or well-known pharmacy owners.

Hence, many people from the neighboring cities also came due to the successful marketing. Some of them were here just to observe while some came because they knew that there were certain herbs for sale.

Soon, an old man walked onto the stage.

“Greetings, everyone! Welcome to today’s herbs-themed auction at Sky City Auction House!” The old man was a worker of the auction house. He smiled and started introducing the items to everybody.

“Alright, we’ll start with the first item of the day. The first item is a thousand-year-old ginseng, and I’m sure that all of you know how precious ginseng of this age is. The price is naturally expensive and starts at one million. Each call needs to be more than one hundred thousand!”

“Alright, Sirs, you may start your bid!” The old man signaled for the bidding to begin.

“One million and five hundred thousand!”

“One million and eight hundred thousand!”

That thousand-year-old ginseng was sold at the high price of 1.5 million.

Jack and the others were here for a hundred-year-old Sinomenium, and nobody knew if such a precious item would be sold in this auction. They silently waited at the corner, waiting for the next herb to be auctioned.

In truth, all the herbs in the auction were rare, but they failed to catch Jack’s eyes.

Many people joined the auction, and some even had heated arguments over some herbs.

However, Jack had not joined any of the biddings.

The old man in charge of auctioning the items also noticed Jack. In his opinion, Jack was here to observe, so he did not pay much attention to Jack.

Time slowly passed by, and Jack grew agitated when he noted that despite the many herbs auctioned, the hundred-year-old Sinomenium that he wanted never showed up.

“It looks like we’ve wasted our time here.” Ethan, who was by Jack’s side, smiled helplessly. The hundred-year-old Sinomenium was so rare, it felt natural for it not to be auctioned at that moment.

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