No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1126

“What? It’s at 1.5 billion now? That man’s a lunatic, and rich at that! This is more than what the item is worth!” some random person exclaimed, unable to comprehend the middle-aged man’s bid.

“Yes, that offer’s too high. I get it’s a precious item, but does he need to spend that much money?” Another person was also completely stunned.

An old man thought about it and said, “You guys don’t understand. His offer sounds too much, but if they need this herb urgently, they’ll need to buy it no matter how expensive it is. They definitely have a need for it!”

“1.5 billion! The pricing is at 1.5 billion now! Anybody else wants to bid for it?” The old man in charge of the auction once again yelled in excitement from the stage. Such a high price made him lose his composure.

Just when the other party thought Jack would not bid any higher, Jack smiled indifferently and called out, “Two billion!”

“What?! Two billion?! Who is this young man? He actually called two billion!”

“I’ve never seen this guy before! He must be from another city!” Many people were completely shocked when they heard Jack increasing the price again.

“This guy is really daring. Don’t he know that the guy he’s offending is from a huge clan in Soul City? This person’s nickname is Mountain Tiger, and he’s a ruthless person. Anyone who offends him won’t end up well.” Such discussions were heard as murmurs from the crowd.

Jack could not help but frown when he heard this—seemed as though that man was from an underground, large power clan. No wonder the other party dared threaten him previously.

Nonetheless, Jack was not one to be intimidated easily. Apart from that, Jack needed that herb to cure the poison in his father’s body, thus Jack was not about to back down.

The man with the nickname ‘Mountain Tiger’ had a darkened expression as he glanced at Jack heatedly.

“Brother Tiger, why not just let it be? We can’t be responsible for this guy’s suicidal actions,” said a muscular man beside Mountain Tiger.

Two others signed toward Mountain Tiger; they would get Jack once the bidding was over.

“Alright, young man. I’ll give it to you.” Mountain Tiger smiled indifferently and sat down.

However, many people knew that Mountain Tiger would not simply give up things he had his eyes on.

It might be better if the other party continued to increase the price and win the auction. The other party must have something else in mind if they directly gave up bidding for the item under such circumstances.

“Two billion! This young brother bid two billion! Anybody else with a higher price?” The old man on the stage was slightly worried for Jack. Nothing would happen in the auction house, but Jack was on his own upon exiting the building. After all, the clan supporting Mountain Tiger was so strong that even their boss dared not offend them.

Mountain Tiger was one of the important subordinates to their clan master.

“Two billion, going once!”

“Two billion, going twice!”

“Two billion—sold!”

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